Custom Glass Shower Door Design Guide

Custom glass shower doors can highlight the beauty of your bathroom and boost the value of your home. But, deciding on a design that fits the space and expresses your personal style can seem a bit daunting.

Rest assured, when you work with experienced artisans – like the skilled professionals at New Concepts Glass – the design process is much easier. When you set out to plan your custom glass enclosure, your artisan will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind design that brings your bathroom visions to life.

Want to know what to expect before you begin your bathroom remodel? The following custom glass shower door design guide explains the basics.


Types of Glass Doors for Shower Enclosures

Choosing the right glass doors for your bathroom space will depend upon the size and placement of the shower. Several options are available, including:

Bypass doors – or sliding doors – are best for enclosing a standard bathtub, but can also work well for alcove showers.
Pivot doors require unoccupied floor space, as they swing open on hinges. This door type is often used in corner showers and glass enclosures with narrow openings.
Round doors also swing on hinges, but their curved design creates more space within the shower. These doors are a good choice for large bathrooms that have corner or alcove showers.

For some bathroom remodels, installing a walk-in glass enclosure – without doors – can be a smart design idea.

Narrowing Down Your Shower Door Options

As you mull over your door options, you’ll need to figure out which type is the most practical choice for your bathroom shower.

Functionality is essential – the glass enclosure you design must work well within the space. Structural specifications should also be factored into your choice. If your bathroom walls aren’t structurally sound, for example, or if they lack studs in the right spots to support shower doors, you’ll need to consider your options carefully.

Choosing a Style for Your Custom Glass Doors

After practicality comes style – the fun part of designing custom glass shower doors. You can customize your enclosure in many ways, including:

  • Tint – Custom glass can be tinted to any shade, allowing you to choose the ideal look for your bathroom.
  • Texture – Shower panels and doors can have an etched, frosted or dimensional design for privacy and style.
  • Personality – Experienced artisans can also add unique painted designs for a truly original appearance.
  • Hardware – The choice of handles, hinges and other hardware is up to you, so you can easily incorporate the glass enclosure with your bathroom décor.

If you want to design custom glass shower doors that enhance your bathroom and express your individual style, you’ll need to work with a highly-skilled and experienced artisan. In northern Utah, the award-winning artists at New Concepts Glass have the talent and expertise to help you create a glass enclosure you’ll love.

As a Salt Lake City area industry leader for decades, New Concepts Glass is known for providing high-quality handcrafted design, top-notch craftsmanship and exceptional customer service. For a free consultation to discuss custom glass shower doors with one of our professional artisans, contact our Sandy office today.