Designing Your Glass Shower Enclosure

Designing Your Glass Shower Enclosure

Designing your glass shower enclosure is truly a matter of personal preference. No single style and shape works well or fits with the design of every bathroom space – or the design preferences of every homeowner.

The structural design and size of your bathroom may limit your choices. So, when you set out to design your glass enclosure, start with the shape. From there, you will move on to choosing door styles and customization options to create the perfect glass shower enclosure for your bathroom.

Shower Enclosure Shapes

If you’re looking to enclose your bathtub, or if you want to use your existing tub walls as part of your shower, your glass enclosure will be rectangular. Otherwise, you will have a few shape options to choose from.

For a small bathroom space, a square shower enclosure may be ideal, as it allows for the use of any type of glass doors. If you want something a little more interesting, a round or oval enclosure could also work in a smaller room.

As for larger bathrooms, neo-angle enclosures are popular for corner showers. Or, go for a custom configuration, using curved or angled panels to create your own unique shape.

Glass Shower Door Styles

Once you’ve decided on an enclosure shape, it’s time to think about your shower doors.

Sliding doors are perfect for small bathroom spaces, as they don’t require floor space to open. Pivot doors can also be used in smaller rooms and are particularly suited to showers with narrow entrances. Hinged doors are often reserved for large enclosures, but can be installed to swing open inside the shower if floor space is at a premium.

Keep in mind, too, that you may not even need doors. A doorless or walk-in shower can give your bathroom a more open, spa-like feel.

Customization Options for Glass Shower Enclosures

Many homeowners favor a clear glass look for their shower enclosures, but that’s certainly not your only option.

Glass showers can be tinted to any shade, for a perfect match to your bathroom décor. The panels can also be textured or frosted. And, if you’d prefer a completely unique look, you can have a custom design etched or painted onto the glass panels. When it comes to shower design, there’s virtually no limit to your options for customization.

But, don’t worry if you’re not sure how to go about designing the right glass shower enclosure to suit your bathroom. When you work with New Concepts Glass, you don’t have to make all these decisions alone. Our award-winning custom glass design artists will help you along every step of the way.

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