On-Trend: Doorless Custom Glass Showers

If you haven’t considered adding a doorless custom glass shower in your master bath, it may be time.

This type of design is growing in popularity. In fact, more and more homeowners are embracing this trend for their bathroom remodels.

A doorless shower, also known as a walk-in or Roman design, will give your bathroom a beautiful, contemporary look with a spa-like feel. Let’s look at a few of the advantages of going doorless, and you may soon find yourself convinced.

A Doorless Custom Glass Shower Provides Openness and Privacy

A walk-in shower creates an impression of openness in your bathroom.

Not only do custom glass panels require less space, but they also make the room appear larger. As the shower is not closed off from view by a door or curtain, its square footage is visually perceived as part of the room.

Plus, a doorless shower adds to the aesthetic flow of the room, allowing tile and other design features to really shine through.

But what about privacy? Walk-in glass showers are open, but they can be designed to retain a measure of privacy. Your new shower could be situated facing away from the rest of the bathroom, for example, or you could add a half-wall.

Frosted or textured glass can also be used in most designs.

A Doorless Glass Shower Provides Safe, Easy Access

With a doorless glass shower, there’s no stepping into and out of the bathtub or shower. Instead, you simply walk right on in.

The easy access means that this type of shower can be a great solution for young children, the elderly and those who have physical restrictions.

Because of their openness, walk-in showers can also be multi-functional. When placed in a bathroom that has two entry points, the shower can act as walkway when not in use.

A Doorless Custom Glass Shower is Simple to Clean

Hard water spots, streaks and build-up pose cleaning challenges in standard showers and bathtubs.

By eliminating the door, you’ll spend less time spraying, scrubbing and descaling. In fact, custom glass panels require much less effort to keep clean and sparkling. Simply rinse and squeegee after each use.

With the right design, you may be able to avoid most of the shower’s water from hitting your glass panels. Your showerhead could be angled to spray towards a tile wall, for example, or you could switch to a rain-style head that casts water straight down. If water doesn’t reach the glass, hard water spots and streaks won’t even be an issue.

Are you ready to explore design options for your new shower? New Concepts Glass, serving Salt Lake City and the greater northern Utah area, specializes in creating spectacular custom designs.

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