3 Ways Glass Shower Doors Can Showcase Your Personal Style

When remodeling a bathroom, the glass shower doors will typically be among the last additions to the space. This can be a great advantage, as waiting until the walls, floors and tile surfaces are complete and the cabinets and fixtures are installed allows you to match your shower to your personal style.

From the type of glass to the hardware you select, your custom European shower enclosure design can pull together the look and feel of your remodeled bathroom. Below are three ways you can customize your glass shower doors to express your sense of style.

No. 1: Choose Your Preferred Type of Glass

Clear glass is far from your only option.

Handcrafted shower doors can be tinted to a shade that matches or enhances your bathroom décor.

For a bit of privacy and added style, you can also choose textured glass patterns or an etched design. Dream up your own pattern, or opt for a beveled, frosted or bubbled look, for example. Painted glass is another option – a skilled artisan can help you create a uniquely stylish look.

Any of these glass types can be used in any shower enclosure and with any shower doors, allowing you to design a look that’s all yours.

No. 2: Choose Your Hardware Style

Most glass shower enclosures have handles, hinges and related hardware, and you can match them to the style of your cabinet hardware. Whether your bathroom décor is modern, traditional, eclectic, nautical or industrial, you can choose coordinating hardware.

You can also opt to have additional matching hardware – such as towel bars, shelves and soap dispensers — installed inside your shower enclosure. With these additional accents, you can get function and style.

No. 3: Choose Your Hardware Finish

What’s the finish of your bathroom fixtures? Are your faucets and cabinet handles chrome, bronze, brass or brushed nickel? Whatever the finish, your shower hardware can match, contrast or harmonize to bring the space together.

The impact the hardware finish has on your bathroom design depends on the type of enclosure you’re installing. Frameless European glass shower doors have much less hardware than framed showers. Regardless, choosing the right finish to coordinate with your fixtures and handles is a great way to incorporate your enclosure into your bathroom décor.

If you want a one-of-a-kind glass shower that perfectly showcases your individual style, you’ll need to work with a highly-skilled artisan. In Northern Utah, New Concepts Glass is known for providing high-quality, handcrafted designs and exceptional customer service.

With more than 30 years of experience serving the greater Salt Lake City area, the award-winning glass design artists at New Concepts Glass can help you design a shower enclosure that beautifully enhances the décor of your bathroom. To get started planning your glass shower doors, contact our Sandy office today to schedule a consultation.