6 Intriguing Design Ideas for Custom Glass Shower Enclosures

With custom glass shower enclosures, the design possibilities are endless. Every homeowner can have a stunning, one-of-a-kind look that suits their style and enhances the beauty of their bathroom – what’s not to like about that?

If you’re ready to design your own unique custom glass shower enclosure and are looking for inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

Here, we share six of our favorite shower renovation ideas for 2019.

No. 1: Curved Glass Doors

Go with a curved door, and you’ll add instant interest to the enclosure – the shower will definitely be the focal point of the bathroom. And, you don’t have to place the shower in the corner for this configuration to work! As long as you have adequate floor space, curved glass is an option.

No. 2: Bi-Fold Shower Doors

Another unique design choice is to install bi-fold shower doors. The custom glass panels close in on themselves, which saves space in tight quarters. Plus, bi-fold doors bring an engaging element to any bathroom – anyone who visits will be enthralled!

No. 3: Walk-in Glass Shower

If you’re into modern interior design, you might want to install a walk-in shower, one that doesn’t have any doors at all. Contrary to popular belief, this configuration can be practical. With proper planning, you can have style without worries of water splashing around the bathroom.

No. 4: Framed Shower Doors

Framed doors are nothing new, but today’s hardware options add new life to the classic design choice. Match the hinges, handles and framing to the fixtures in your bathroom, and the entire space will appear completely in sync.

No. 5: Textured and Tinted Glass

Glass shower panels can be tinted any shade, which means you can perfectly match or contrast the color to your bathroom décor. Add a custom texture — such as a beveled or bubbled design — and your shower will be a showstopper!

No. 6: Combination Custom Glass

Many homeowners seem to think they have to choose either clear or frosted glass, but it isn’t a one-or-the-other decision. You can actually incorporate both into the design of your shower– have certain areas of the enclosure frosted for privacy purposes, then leave the remainder clear for an appealing, original look.

Designing your own custom glass shower enclosure can be a fun and rewarding project – particularly when you work with the award-winning artisans at New Concepts Glass.

A northern Utah industry leader for decades, New Concepts Glass specializes in creating handcrafted custom glass pieces. Our talented professionals can help you design a shower enclosure that expresses your individual style and boosts the value of your home.

To schedule a free consultation to discuss design ideas for a unique, eye-catching custom glass shower enclosure, contact New Concepts Glass in Sandy, Utah, today.