4 Custom Glass Trends to Consider for Your Utah Home

4 Custom Glass Trends to Consider for Your Utah Home

The bathroom is a popular setting for custom glass – who doesn’t love the idea of replacing the shower curtain with a uniquely beautiful framed enclosure or European shower doors? But bathrooms aren’t the only spaces you can transform with eye-catching customized glass.

In fact, custom glass can bring character and style to any room in your Utah home, dramatically changing both the look and feel of the space. If you want to breathe new life into your home décor, consider these on-trend interior design updates.

No. 1: Custom Glass Backsplashes

Customized glass backsplashes are one of the hottest trends in kitchen design, and for several good reasons. The surface is not only super easy to clean – much more so than ceramic tile, natural stone or stainless steel – but also super tough, fabricated to resist heat and withstand impacts.

The design possibilities are endless. You can choose a pattern, texture and color that perfectly matches your kitchen style. Or, opt for a one-of-a-kind painted backsplash for a unique interior design focal point.

No. 2: Custom Glass Countertops

Not ready to switch out your kitchen backsplash? Customized glass countertops offer the same design impact, boosting the aesthetic appeal of the space and adding a distinctive touch.

Custom countertops are also ideal for your bathrooms. No grout means less grime, and the solid surface doesn’t show fingerprints. Keeping the bathroom countertop clean and sanitary is easy – a quick wipe down does the job.

No. 3: Custom Glass Deck Rails

Does your deck offer a stunning backyard view? Unlike wood railings, customized glass deck rails won’t hide the incredible scenery – even the mounts are designed to blend right in with the surroundings.

Customized rails can also add to the appeal of your indoor living spaces. Framing stairways and second-story catwalks with glass handrail systems is becoming a popular trend, as it opens up your interior views and makes your home seem larger and more elegant.

No. 4: Custom Glass Table Tops

Customized glass isn’t just for permanent home installations like backsplashes, countertops and handrails – one-of-a-kind designs also make for excellent table tops.

Tinted, textured, etched, painted or shaped glass can highlight an interesting antique or artistic wood base, giving it more prominence within the home décor. Or, you can support the surface with a simple base to virtually enlarge the space. And, since they can be used inside or outside of your Utah home – such as on a patio or deck –custom table tops are incredibly versatile.

Whether you’re remodeling the bathroom or intrigued by these cutting-edge trends, working with a highly-skilled artisan is the best way to create an original design that truly reflects your personal style.

With decades of experience serving the greater Salt Lake City area, the award-winning artists at New Concepts Glass have a well-deserved reputation for high-quality handcrafted design, exceptional craftsmanship and stellar customer service. For more information, or to explore your custom glass options, contact our Sandy, Utah, office today.