Framed Shower Enclosures

You’ve likely seen a stunning contemporary bathroom complete with a shower which is “boxed” in, usually in the corner—this is a framed shower enclosure and it’s an excellent way to optimize space while creating a stunning centerpiece for any bathroom.

Framed shower enclosures often include European doors but are complete fixtures themselves. For the Salt Lake City resident looking to upgrade their bathroom, inject a touch of class into their home spa or simply make the most of the available space, opting for a customized framed enclosure is an excellent choice.

At New Concepts Glass Design, we specialize in handcrafting framed shower enclosures for every taste and budget. Perhaps you envision a very sleek, contemporary home sauna complete with brushed steel and black ceramic. Maybe a frosted half-height enclosure is more your speed, lending to an open-air feeling. Or maybe you’re not sure exactly what you want, but those framed enclosures have captured your attention and you need the help of a skilled artist-technician to bring it to life. We’re here for you every step of the way, providing as much (or as little) help in the customization department as you’d like.

Just one question remains—are you ready to start designing your dream getaway that’s located right in your own home?

The Benefits of Framed Shower Enclosures

In addition to making the most of your bathroom space, framing—in any sense—draws attention to what you’d like to highlight. It instantly says, “This is the focal point,” and that’s a great thing when you have a brand new Euro-style bathroom to show off. Sure, you might have a stunning vanity, too, but this room is all about relaxation, which starts with the perfect shower. It’s what sloughs off the day, prepares you for a night of tranquility and can turn any day into a spa day.

With framed shower enclosures, there are virtually no limitations. You can select nearly as many panes as you’d like, choosing an octagonal retreat in the corner or a simpler boxed frame complete with a swinging or sliding European door. Perhaps a marble wall separating the shower enclosure from your Jacuzzi tub is what you have in mind or a one of a kind etched glass that ties the entire home together. You might even transform a back porch into a greenhouse by adding a glass shower enclosure. What a lovely home addition that would be!

Each of our technicians and team members is local to Salt Lake City and committed to providing our neighbors with the best in service, quality, and design. Who knew being “boxed in” could be so freeing?


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