Custom Glass Enclosed Wine Cellars

For those with defining tastes, adding a customized glass enclosure to your wine cellar is the perfect way to welcome guests—and fellow wine connoisseurs—to your vino paradise. No matter how many bottles you have, each enclosure is designed and handcrafted for your unique home and your one of a kind style. Choose from French doors, large panes of glass walls for a “picture window” styling or any type of custom glass craftsmanship you can imagine.

Glass enclosures are the perfect home for your wine collection because they double as a frame. They’re showmanship done right, highlighting your impressive array of bottles and adding an air of chicness to the otherwise traditional offering of a wine cellar. Plus, glass enclosures maximize space and ensure you can make the most of your hand-picked lighting throughout the cellar, from the depths of the wine racks to the tasting area.

Modern Take on a “Glass”-ic Design with Custom Glass

It’s no wonder glass-enclosed wine cellars are the most popular pick for customized wine room or cellar projects. They’re timeless and easily constructible in just about any living space. Glass promises that your collection will be the focal point and naturally highlights the gorgeous appeal of all materials around it. As an added bonus, the glass itself is beautiful and the perfect accessory to metal, wood or any other material your wine room may feature. Ideal next to plush leather seating or stunning against marble or quartz, it’s the material that goes with everything while showcasing the best of surrounding materials.home?

With a glass enclosure, you also have the advantage of optimal wine storage conditions. Each pane of glass is hand-selected, promising the perfect thickness for proper humidification and refrigeration. Experts use the right joints, such as silicone beading, for a seamless end result and maximum insulation. Beauty and strength go hand in hand—the perfect match, just like your favorite wine and chocolate or cheese.

Make Room for More with Glass Enclosed Wine Cellars

You can never have too many bottles of wine, especially when glass enclosures offer the best in storage capacity. Store and display your bottles in a comfortable, attractive and safe environment with a glass enclosure. Concerned that your vintage wine cellar won’t work with a modern enclosure? The type of wood, metal or other wine racks you already have makes no difference. However, for those looking to completely remodel their cellar or design one from scratch, glass enclosure professionals can help you choose premium rack materials that pair flawlessly with glass.

Whether your style is rich and traditional or sleek and modern, discover how glass can offset the best space in your home with ease. After all, a tasting party or quiet evening at home with a perfectly aerated glass deserves only the best—and so do you.


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