Handcrafted Custom Glass Options for a Personalized Look

When you choose handcrafted custom glass as a design feature in your home or commercial space, your design options are endless.

If you’re in the market for a customized shower enclosure, kitchen backsplash, countertop, handrail, accent wall or another one-of-a-kind creation, working with a professional artisan is the only way to get a truly original, handcrafted design.

Here at New Concepts Glass, we always take a personalized approach with our clients, and work to create unique pieces that bring their dreams to life. Here are just a few of our many handcrafted custom glass design options.

Custom Glass Tints

Handcrafted glass can be tinted to any shade, which means you can choose a color that perfectly coordinates with your home décor. Or, if you’re looking for a stunning statement piece (a bright blue backsplash, perhaps?), you can choose the exact color you want.

Custom Glass Textures

Would you prefer your handcrafted glass creation not to be transparent? If you need privacy for a bathroom enclosure or front door, for example, you can choose a custom textured design. Professional artisans offer several frosted, beveled or bubble-textured options – or, you may be able to design your own textured look.

Custom Glass Etching

Etching is another one of our handcrafted custom options. Our professional artisans can create an original grooved design by etching into the glass. You can go with a geometric look, or, if you prefer, give the piece a more abstract appearance.

For commercial applications, we can even etch your company’s logo or a design appropriate for your business.

Custom Painted Glass

For a personalized look, you can also choose a handcrafted custom painted piece. The paint is applied to the back of the panel, so that the design won’t get scratched or wear away. As for the color(s) and look of the painted design, that’s completely up to you.

Shaped Custom Glass

Do you need your handcrafted glass to be cut into a particular shape and size? Our professional artisans can make sure that your piece meets the dimensions and specifications you establish. With us, you aren’t limited to standard size and shape selections.

Custom Glass Edgework

A standard seamed edge is ideal for handcrafted pieces that are installed in place, like doors and backsplashes because, often, the edge doesn’t show. But, with tabletops, shelves and other pieces where the edge is visible, you may want a specialty look, such as a slightly rounded pencil edge or a glossy, beveled edge.

Not all custom glass is truly handcrafted – many companies work with templates and only offer a limited range of design options. With these glass contractors, you can’t get a truly personalized look.

If you seek a one-of-a-kind design that showcases your individual style, the skilled artisans at New Concepts Glass can create a unique piece, based on your own original ideas. We’ll guide you along and offer suggestions, but the design will be distinctly yours.

At New Concepts Glass, handcrafted customization is our specialty. Our talented artisans have decades of experience creating personalized glass solutions for homes and businesses throughout the greater Salt Lake City area. If you want the finest handcrafted custom glass available in Northern Utah, contact our Sandy office today.