Reasons to Choose Framed Shower Glass for Your Bathroom Remodel

A modern bathroom with a tub and framed glass shower door.

Adding framed shower glass doors and enclosures to your bathroom is an excellent upgrade many homeowners are making.

New shower and tub enclosures can transform a bathroom from dark, dingy, and cave-like to luxe, bright, and spa-like. There are many possibilities for your modern bathroom doors, so knowing where to start may feel overwhelming.  

A popular choice among homeowners is a framed shower glass option. This style comes with many perks and advantages that we will get into below and a few other common ideas in the bathroom design world. 

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What is a framed shower door?

Now that you’ve decided to throw out your old, germ-infested shower curtain, it’s time to look into your options for your bathroom remodel. Many homeowners want something that looks great, functions well, and doesn’t break the bank – the answer: framed shower glass doors and enclosures.

Framed shower glass doors and enclosures are encased in a heavy-duty, sturdy metal frame and are an exciting upgrade from your nasty shower curtain. This door type is affordable and easy to install (more on its advantages below). Homeowners have the opportunity to make this type of door a beautiful focal point in their bathroom design by making striking statements while being totally functional and attractive.

6 reasons to choose framed shower glass doors for your bathroom

With the shockingly overwhelming number of bathroom shower door options, it’s important to research all their advantages. Below, you’ll find six reasons why framed shower doors are an excellent upgrade for your bathroom design:

1. Framed shower doors provide more stability 

Glass shower door designs present a greater risk than shower curtains. Shower doors are made from tempered glass, which, when it breaks, will shatter into small circles instead of sharp, hazardous shards for a significantly lessened injury risk. 

The metal frame surrounding the shower door steadies the doors and walls of your glass panels, reducing the risk of shattering or breaking.

2. Framed shower doors keep more water in

Framed shower glass doors are better at keeping water in than a shower curtain and are much less likely to leak than other options. This type of shower door features a track that traps water before it drips onto your bathroom floor and causes water damage-related issues. 

In addition to the track, framed doors have thick layers of caulk on the inside and outside and metal frames to protect against leaks and drips. This watertight design keeps splashes, sprays, and spills inside the shower.

3. Framed shower doors are easy to install

Installing a framed shower door is relatively simple; all you have to do is hang up the frame. This door type can also be fit over any kind of shower material. This process is especially simple when you compare it to installing a frameless shower door that needs proper placement of hinges and hardware. The good news is an experienced professional will handle it either way.

A modern bathroom with a shower, tub, and toilet. Features framed shower glass and stylish glass shower door designs.

4. Framed shower doors are affordable

There’s no denying that a frameless glass shower door, also called a European shower door, is a showstopper. These modern bathroom doors certainly pack a punch, but with this wow factor comes a heftier price tag than what you see with a framed shower door option. 

In many cases, homeowners will pay 10 to 15% less when they opt for a framed shower door option, thanks to the thinner tempered glass panel and the easier installation. If budget is a factor, it’s important to consider a beautiful framed shower door. 

5. Framed shower doors are more sanitary

Between being dark, humid and offering food sources (soap scum, body oils, etc.) for fungal spores, showers Showers are the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew to grow.

Making the shower even more of an ideal place for mold and mildew to grow is the shower curtain. Yes, the shower curtain is a cost-effective way to keep water in your shower; however, shower curtains may contain up to 60 times more bacteria than a standard toilet seat.

Bathrooms featuring glass shower door designs are much more sanitary than shower curtains because they dry faster, significantly reducing the chance of bacteria growth. The glass and metal on a shower door do not get infested with mold, bacteria, and mildew like a cloth curtain.

Furthermore, glass is much easier and faster to clean, and mold and scum can be removed relatively easily.  

6. Framed shower doors come in various design options

For most property owners, renovating their bathroom is all about upgrading and updating the space. For a more modern look, there are seemingly countless options of metal frame designs and styles. 

If you want a gold, silver, or bronze look, you have options. If you want sleek and simple or bold and elaborate, there’s an option for you. If you are short on space, you may want to opt for a sliding glass door versus a pivot door.

If you still aren’t finding exactly what you want, many professional glass companies will create a custom-framed glass shower door to fit your needs and specifications.

Other options to consider 

After all of that, if you’re still not sure if the framed shower door is for you, there are other options to consider:

  • Frameless shower doors 

The European shower door offers a contemporary, high-end look free of visual obstructions and distractions. They are easy to keep clean and are simple yet attractive. These doors allow intricate stonework, beautiful tile designs, and eye-catching hardware to be showcased.

  • Semi-frameless shower doors

If you like the contemporary look of the European doors, but want something more budget-friendly, a semi-frameless glass door option is great. A semi-frameless door has a frame around the exterior edge of the glass, but not around the door, giving a sleek and streamlined look.

  • Glass tub enclosures

Glass tub enclosures are a great way to keep water in your tub while updating its appearance. These doors are ideal for families with children since they tend to splash more, and keeping germ-filled shower curtains is especially important. Moreover, you can add these enclosures over your existing tub, so no demo is necessary, making your bathroom upgrade quick and easy.

  • Bypass shower doors

Bypass glass shower doors, also called sliding shower doors, are the perfect way to save space in smaller bathrooms.  Their slim and compact characteristic makes them ideal for high spaces since they do not require additional space for a door to open in or out. These doors have two glass panels that slide on a built-in tack parallel to each other and can be used in any shape of shower you have (straight, angular, curved, etc.).

  • Pivot shower doors

Pivoting shower doors, also called swinging or hinge doors, open like standard shower doors and make a sophisticated statement in any bathroom, regardless of the aesthetic. These doors work well in tighter bathrooms with tight shower entrances, as they do not require much space to open.

  • Bi-folding shower doors

If you are especially tight on space, consider a bi-folding shower door. A bi- or tri-folding shower door does not take up a lot of space to open. These practical and functional doors are interesting, modern, and stylish.

  • Partial shower and tub enclosures

Partial glass enclosures, also called half-wall tub or shower glass, only cover half of the shower stall or tub. The glass panel can be designed to pivot or remain stationary. These styles give the bathroom an affordable, modern, contemporary look, even when custom cuts are needed.

A modern bathroom with a sleek shower and a stylish sink. Features framed shower glass and contemporary bathroom doors.

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