Glass Shower Doors vs. Shower Curtains: A Comparison 

Glass Shower Doors vs. Shower Curtains A Comparison

Are you considering installing glass shower doors at your Utah home, to replace a traditional shower curtain?

We’ll admit, some shower curtains are lovely. And, many homeowners like the added texture a curtain can bring to the bathroom. But, for many reasons, glass shower doors are a great investment. They’re also the best way to bring an elegant, high-end look and feel to your shower. But are they really better than a shower curtain? Here’s why we think so.

Glass Showers Make Bathrooms Look Larger

Hanging curtains makes a bathroom look cramped. Glass showers provide the illusion of space, which makes the room feel lighter and brighter. The openness gives a spa-like feel to any bathroom – an effect you definitely can’t get from a curtain.

Glass Showers Eliminate Drafts

Even if your bathroom is warm, you can expect some chilly drafts if you hang a shower curtain. Opt for a glass-enclosed shower instead, and you won’t have to suffer through drafts – and you won’t ever end up with a plastic curtain liner stuck to your leg.

Glass Showers Are Watertight

No matter what type of liner you use – and no matter how careful you try to be – you will have some spillover sooner or later with a shower curtain. If you’re tired of leaks and puddles in the bathroom after showering, install glass-enclosed shower – they’re designed to be watertight.

Glass Showers Let in the Light

Unless you have a sizeable window inside your shower, you could be showering in the near-dark if you use a curtain. A glass enclosure lets light into the space, so you can easily see what you’re doing.

Glass Showers are Easy to Clean

Curtains are notoriously difficult to keep clean. After a couple of weeks hanging in the bathroom, they start to get dusty on the outside. On the inside you know exactly what the soap scum, mold and mildew accumulation does to the liner. Liners can be cheaply replaced or throw in the washer, but the curtains themselves may need professional cleaning.

Shower doors are super simple to clean – just squeegee after every use and wipe down any stray smudges with a microfiber cloth.

Glass Showers Offer Durability

Curtain designs go out of style, and the material can wear out over time. And, of course, you have to replace the liners on a regular basis. Shower doors are a better investment, as they’re designed for durability and enduring style.

Glass Showers Increase Home Value

Today’s home buyers want modern bathroom features. Install a glass enclosure, and you’ll increase your home’s value. When the time comes to put your property on the market, your shower doors will enable you to command a higher price. And buyers will be drawn to the beauty of a glass enclosure, especially as compared to a curtain design they don’t really like.

Have we convinced you to choose glass shower doors over a shower curtain? If you’re ready to update your bathroom, the award-winning artisans at New Concepts Glass can help you create the perfect glass-enclosed shower to suit your personal style.

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