Get a Great Backyard View with Glass Handrails 

Glass handrails are an excellent alternative to wood deck railing systems. With glass deck panels, you can have a clear, unobstructed view of your beautiful backyard.

If your deck offers a gorgeous beachfront, lake, forest or mountain view, why hide the amazing scenery with a wood railing? Glass rails preserve your backyard view and provide a safe barrier, allowing you to get full enjoyment of the natural environment.

Durability of Glass Handrails

People often think of glass as being fragile – and, yes, some types do break rather easily.

Glass handrails, however, are not fragile at all. They’re made from heat-tempered glass, which is incredibly hard to break. The shatter-resistant properties of the material makes it nearly impervious to impacts from blunt objects.

The deck panels are durable enough to withstand just about anything Mother Nature dishes out. So, they can certainly handle a thrown toy or an accidental bump.

In addition, the railings are installed to be structurally sound, meeting the local building code requirements. When it comes to durability, you have no cause to worry about glass handrails.

Post and Mounting Options

Ok, the deck panels can’t stand up on their own. But, they are mounted so as to keep the focus on the glass, not the rails. When you’re standing or sitting on the deck, the railings will seem to melt away and all you’ll notice is the view.

Nonetheless, a number of rail customization options are available.

Many homeowners go the more traditional route, with rails on all sides of the panels. But, topless railing systems — with no top or bottom rails, just strong vertical posts mounted to the deck surface or fascia – are growing in popularity.

Along with the mounting configuration, you also have options for customizing the look of the railing system. A variety of post shapes, colors and styles are available in several different materials.

Customizing Your Handrails

Clear is a common choice for glass handrails, but that’s not always what homeowners need or want. Fortunately, clear isn’t the only option.

If you need shade from the sun but still want a view of the backyard, for example, your panels can be tinted. Or, if you’d like a bit of privacy on one side of the deck (where the hot tub is located, perhaps?), frosted or textured panels could be the answer.

For a bit of originality, you may want to consider adding custom etching or even an original 07painted design.

Really, the only limit to custom glass handrails is your imagination. With the assistance of a professional artist, you can get the exact look you want and need for your deck railings.

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