5 Ways to Use Custom Glass in Your Home

Custom glass adds eye-catching appeal to any of your home’s indoor or outdoor spaces.

Glass is incredibly versatile and, with customization, you can make the design truly unique and personalized. An experienced artist can help you create beautiful and functional custom designs that showcase your individual style.

No. 1: Custom Glass Shower Doors

Glass shower doors can transform your bathroom from a hum-drum space into a spa-like oasis.

Compared to a traditional shower curtain or sliding shower door, a custom enclosure brings cleaner lines and a more elegant, open feel to the room. Frosted, textured, opaque or painted glass can provide privacy, and shower enclosures come in a wide range of design configurations to fit any bathroom. You can choose framed or frameless enclosures with the hardware of your choice. These enclosures also work exceptionally well for garden tor soaking tubs, saunas and steam rooms.

No. 2: Custom Glass Entry Doors

A personalized entryway can boost the curb appeal of your home, and customized glass doors are beyond compare in terms of elegance and style. With your own distinctive design that perfectly complements the landscaping as well as the architecture and design style of your home, your entryway will definitely make a statement.

No. 3: Custom Glass Garden Views

Using glass for an entryway at the side or back of your home can add a constant source of natural light. And, of course, you’ll be treated to an incredible view of your carefully-chosen landscaping. You can use frosted or clear panels to create an atrium or, for the perfect garden bath, use a combination of clear and frosted panels to provide privacy.

No. 4: Custom Glass Panels for the Home Office

If you have a home office – or if you would like to crate one – use glass panels to define the space. This will allow you to work in peace while still enjoying a sense of openness and natural light. If you prefer more privacy than clear panels can provide, add custom etching in the pattern of your choice.

No. 5: Custom Glass Wine Rooms

Wine cellars have come out of the basement and into the living space of your home. With a sealed glass enclosure, you can have a perfectly temperature-controlled space for your finest wines that doubles as a focal point in your home.

You don’t even have to set aside much room. Tuck your wine room in the alcove under the stairs or repurpose a little-used butler’s pantry. Add textures, designs or color to customize your wine room even further.

Regardless of where you decide to use these striking features in your home, an experienced contractor and custom glass artist can ensure you have a truly original design. If you live in Northern Utah, New Concepts Glass has a reputation for unsurpassed quality and exceptional customer service.

With over 30 years of combined experience in serving the greater Salt Lake City area, our technicians have the skills and artistry to create magnificent, handcrafted accents that bring your home décor visions to life. To learn more about our custom glass options, contact our Sandy, Utah, office today.