Custom Glass Cabinet Doors To Complement Your Kitchen Style

Custom Glass Cabinet Doors To Complement Your Kitchen Style

Replacing your old, worn wood cabinetry with custom glass cabinet doors can brighten up your kitchen, giving it a fresh, open look that complements your unique style.

The quality and craftsmanship of custom-built doors are far superior to prefabricated cabinetry. And, with the wealth of choices available, you can create kitchen cabinets that truly reflect your individual personality.

With New Concepts Glass, the design possibilities are endless. Our professional artisans will guide you along in creating the ideal custom cabinet doors to enhance your kitchen style. Get ready to make some tough choices, though, because you will have many options to consider.

Etched Glass Doors

Cabinet doors with an original grooved design etched into transparent glass allow you to display your kitchen treasures – and the etching injects a dose of personal style into the space. Geometric patterns are popular for kitchens, but you can also choose to give your cabinets a more abstract look.

Tinted Glass Doors

Tinted glass adds a modern touch to a kitchen, and you can select the perfect shade to enhance the space. Go with one of your home décor colors, or make the cabinets a focal point by choosing a tint that stands out.

Painted Glass Doors

Tinting isn’t the only way to turn the focus on your kitchen cabinets – painted glass gives you cabinetry with eye-catching artwork. The style, design and colors used are completely up to you, so your imagination is your only limit.

Frosted Glass Doors

Frosted glass can bring openness and a touch of softness to your kitchen, while also obscuring the contents of your cabinets. Doors that are frosted can also be etched with intricate designs or custom-created patterns for individual style.

Textured Glass Doors

A textured design makes kitchen cabinets stand out from both a visual and tactile point of view. The surface is designed to create the illusion of dimensional structure, and the reduced transparency helps to hide everything inside.

At New Concepts Glass, we don’t work with templates – we create handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces. Our highly-skilled, award-winning professional artisans have the expertise and talent to design custom cabinet doors that bring your kitchen dreams to life.

An industry leader for more than 30 years, we’re known for producing the finest handcrafted custom glass in Northern Utah. In addition to cabinet doors, our talented artists create unique, custom-designed backsplashes, countertops, tabletops, wine cellars, shower enclosures and more.

New Concepts Glass offers free consultations to homeowners in Salt Lake City and throughout northern Utah. If you want your kitchen to showcase your individual style and personality, contact us to explore your options for handcrafted custom glass cabinet doors today.