A Custom Glass-Enclosed Wine Cellar for Your Home

Custom Glass-Enclosed Wine Cellar for Your Home

If you are a lover and collector of wine, you need a custom glass-enclosed wine cellar in your Salt Lake City home.

Drinking wine is an experience. It elevates and completes meals, is a great way to socialize with family and friends, and is believed to improve heart health. When your collection begins to overflow from your wine cabinet, it may be time to consider a glass-enclosed wine cellar in your house.

Continue reading to learn why every home needs a glass wine cellar below.

Organize and Showcase Your Collection

A glass-enclosed wine cellar allows you to store and showcase your entire wine collection in one, easily approachable, and organized space. Many wine connoisseurs choose to organize your wine by year, bottle size, varietal, region, or winery. If your collection is particularly large, you can download various apps that will keep track of how you organize your collection and where a particular bottle is stored, making it very easy to locate.

An Excellent Showpiece and Talking Point

A glass-enclosed wine cellar is a great way to welcome guests and fellow wine enthusiasts into your home. There is much to talk about when it comes to wine cellars and the bottle it houses, so a custom wine cellar in your home is a great showpiece and talking point. This unit becomes a piece of art in your home that is valuable and admired!

Built for You and Your Collection

Because your wine collection is as unique as you are, your wine cellar needs to be custom-built for you and your collection. Whether you want French doors, walk-in, a “picture window” where you can set up a styled arrangement, you get to choose all of the details. The experts at New Concepts Glass Design can help you with the fine details in customizing your wine cellar, such as wine racks (collection size, materials used, design aesthetic, etc.).

Increase Your Home’s Value

Wine cellars are at the top of many people’s wishlists as they search for a home. Homes in the Salt Lake City and Park City area are not exempt from this! Adding a custom glass-enclosed wine cellar to your home increases its value immediately.

Keep Your Collection in Peak Condition

A glass-enclosed wine cellar will keep your wine collection in peak condition because it perfectly emulates ideal storage conditions. Of course, you will need to install a good cooling unit inside your cellar, but the glass enclosure will maximize refrigeration and humidification benefits, which helps cut down maintenance costs.

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