6 Advantages of Using Glass in Wine Cellar Construction

Stone wall and shelves in glass wine cellar with glass design.

Homeowners find that there are many advantages to having a glass wine cellar in their properties.

Whether you’re a long-time wine collector or are just starting your collection, a wine cellar in your home is an exciting prospect for many homeowners. Not only is a wine cellar a great way to showcase your collection and store bottles safely, but it’s also an excellent way to increase the value of your house should you ever decide to sell. 

There are many materials used to build a home wine cellar, such as wood, stone, and masonry. An increasingly popular option among homeowners is glass. However, some have wondered if glass would be a good long-term option for wine storage. 

To someone new to or unfamiliar with the industry, glass may seem like a peculiar choice for a scenario that demands darkness and consistent temperatures. However, glass is a fantastic option for wine storage when they are built correctly. Cellar builders have ways to mitigate concerns of light and darkness and maintain consistent temperatures. In fact, countless plans include glass for wine cellar design, such as windows, walls, and doors.

Not only do homeowners not have to worry about those concerns for glass wine cellars, but property owners can enjoy many advantages opting for a glass enclosed wine cellar design.

What are the advantages of incorporating glass design in your wine cellar? Continue reading below to learn more.

6 perks of using glass in your wine cellar design

If you’re considering adding a wine cellar to your home, consider incorporating glass in your design. Here are the benefits of a glass wine cellar:

1. Showcase the collection

There’s no denying that wine collecting is an expensive hobby. A wine collection is very personal since different people have varying desires and tastes. Because of this, their worths have a significant range; however, according to Dan Frankel, the principal of Ellis Insurance Agency, reports that the average wine collection is worth roughly $200,000

When you’re investing that much money, or even an eighth of that cost, it’s not uncommon to want to keep the collection on display. Many homeowners opt to have their racks of wine work double time and support their home design. A wine collection and cellar are beautiful and can easily act as art. Glass doors, windows, and walls allow your entire wide collection to be seen, which is especially exciting when you have prized bottles you want to highlight.

2. Illusion of space

The transparent nature of glass allows light to illuminate the space and create a visual effect that enhances the ambiance of your home and creates the illusion of additional space.

Glass cellar walls and doors allow sunlight to permeate through spaces, eliminating shadows that typically make a room feel smaller. At the same time, standard walls create a feeling of separation and confinement. Replacing solid barriers with a glass option maintains visual connectivity across different areas. 

Moreover, glass has a unique ability to reflect and amplify light. When this material is used as a wall, it doubles the sense of space by mirroring the interiors, further creating an illusion of more space.

Glass enclosed wine cellar features wooden rack with wine bottles.

3. Quality insulation

While natural, untreated glass would be a terrible option for a glass wine cellar, thanks to its very high thermal emissivity. However, low-emissivity treated glass is very effective at limiting both transmission of heat and harmful exposure to ultraviolet light.

An insulated glass enclosed wine cellar, featuring a thermally broken frame can help maintain a stable climate for your collection by reducing heat transfer and acting as a barrier to temperature rises and drops.

Moreover, the sealed air and gas between glass panes can help eliminate condensation that may affect temperature fluctuations.

4. Easy temperature and humidity control

If you’re well into your wine collecting hobby, you understand better than anyone the importance of temperature and humidity and your wine collection.

Before selecting a storage solution, knowing what conditions wine needs for proper and necessary storage is essential. The ideal conditions for wine, whether red or white, is between 45° and 65° Fahrenheit and ages best at a consistent temp of 55°. If the temperature is too high, the wine will cook and age at a faster rate. 

The ideal humidity range for wine is between 50-70% relative humidity (RH), with many believing 60% RH to be the optimum humidity percentage. Humidity keeps the natural cork in a wine bottle from totally drying out, allowing it to maintain its tight seal, which prevents oxidation.

5. Safely store your collection

Safe storage of your wine collection is a top priority for all wine collectors. As mentioned above, insulated glass with a thermally broken frame is a fantastic option for wine cellars. It offers ideal insulation, helps maintain a stable climate, and reduces heat transfer inside your wine cellar.

When your collection is safely stored, you will rest easy knowing each of your bottles will taste great the moment you’re ready to open and enjoy one.

6. Contemporary design

Wine cellars have been around for centuries, dating way back to 1700 BC, according to archaeological findings. Bringing wine cellars into today’s homes means matching design styles and looks to today’s contemporary trends.

A glass enclosed wine cellar provides a sleek and modern design and is currently one of the biggest design trends within the wine cellar industry. But don’t let the word “trend” scare you; various home trends stand the test of time and become well-loved and timeless classics.

The contemporary design within your cellar will be lost if not, thanks to the glass surround. Glass doors and walls for your wine cellar feature your wine collection as the visual centerpieces of your property. If not for the glass, your collection would be hidden away on shelves or behind solid walls.

Impress your guests with a minimalist and clean aesthetic and showcase your impressive collection at the same time.

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