Why a Custom Glass Backsplash is Perfect for Your Kitchen

Custom glass backsplashes are the latest trend to hit the kitchen design scene, and a modern, fashionable way to protect your walls.

Ceramic tile and stainless steel are very popular choices for the kitchen backsplash. Other homeowners choose wallpaper or simply extend their countertop materials up the walls. Instead of following a soon-to-be-dated trend, why not be original and select custom glass instead?

A custom backsplash is functional, beautiful and perfect for any contemporary kitchen.

Custom Glass Makes Kitchen Cleanup a Breeze

Traditional backsplash tiles are sealed in place with grout. If you’ve ever tried to clean grout, you know it isn’t easy. Bacteria can accumulate in the microscopic pores of grout as well, becoming difficult to eradicate.

A stainless steel backsplash doesn’t involve grout but, as a magnet for grime and fingerprints, it isn’t much easier to keep clean. Also, if you aren’t careful, stainless steel can become streaky when you clean it.

Panels of glass, on the other hand, are not only easy to clean but hygienic as well. Water, grease and food spills can be wiped away with a sponge or damp cloth, andvery little elbow grease is required. With this backsplash material, keeping your kitchen gleaming and sanitary is quick and easy.

Tempered Custom Glass is Heat and Impact Resistant

Are you concerned that glass may be too fragile for this important job? Some glass products may be delicate, but not the tempered custom backsplashes designed and installed by New Concepts Glass Design.

Our glass is toughened to withstand impacts. In fact, it’s likely to perform better than tile and other traditional backsplash materials. You don’t have to be concerned about your backsplash shattering, even if someone bumps it with a heavy pan. It’s also heat-resistant, so you can safely cook all day long without worrying about your backsplash fracturing.

You would have to try pretty hard to damage one of our backsplashes.

A Custom Glass Backsplash Complements Any Kitchen Style

Stainless steel, ceramic tile and the usual suspects for kitchen backsplash materials offer only so much variety or options for customization. With customized glass, however, you can have a one-of-a-kind look that truly complements your personal home décor style.

Our backsplashes are available in a seemingly endless variety of colors, textures and patterns. And, we can design yours to perfectly match the style of your kitchen. The custom artisans at New Concepts Glass Design can also create a one-of-a-kind painted backsplash as an accent piece, to enhance the architectural elements of your space.

When it comes to customized glass, the choice is yours. We are limited only by your imagination and any design dream can become a reality in your home.

Are you ready to learn more about how New Concepts Glass Design can transform your kitchen? We are located Salt Lake City and serve commercial and residential clients throughout Northern Utah. Contact us today for Utah’s finest designs and craftsmanship in custom glass.