What is a Modern Home Design?

The design of a home can tell you a lot about the people who live there. From the exterior elevation to the paint choices inside, the home design can impact every decision a homeowner makes. Each individual will have a particular taste for home design. A current trend is the modern farmhouse and craftsman style homes; however, the traditional home design will be a classic choice forever. Other types of home designs include Scandinavian, industrial, bohemian, desert, natural/green, to name a few. 

Today we’re tackling one of the most understated but iconic styles of home design: modern home design. Modern home design is often misunderstood or incorrectly categorized as “current” or “contemporary,” In reality, modern home design is another style entirely. 

Modern Home Design

Modern home design refers to the developed style of a particular period–early to middle 20th century. Contemporary home design refers to a current style, and as such, is ever-changing. Contemporary home design is a blend of temporary trends and more permanent and transcendent elements of home design. 


The 19th Century featured more decorative and dramatic design styles, such as highly ornamental Victorian design. In response to the heavier elements of earlier generations, modern design developed a style that featured clean lines, minimalism, and a more muted palette. Modern home design evolved naturally from the contemporary art movement, which pushed questions and innovation into every realm of society. Why do we do this? Is there a better way? In homes, this manifested with materials that were more easily produced, such as metal and glass, as well as the function of each space and piece within the home. 

Elements of Modern Home Design

Modern home design favors natural elements and simple decoration, with a focus on function. Spaces are designed to be used and enjoyed, not just as a static work of art. There are a few elements of modern home design that you’ll see again and again.

  • Open concept floor plans
  • Crisp, straight lines
  • Minimal or no window coverings, wall trim, molding
  • Natural light
  • Smaller, streamlined furniture
  • White, black, and neutral colors
  • Small splashes of color in accents like pillows and rugs
  • Use of glass and mirrors to open and maximize space
  • Abstract art
  • Lack of clutter and excess decor
  • Built-in shelves and storage

Modern Home Design for You

We often hear our clients complain of outdated homes, or a need to refresh the design and space in which they live. There’s no better style to try than modern design. Modern home design makes your home more aesthetically pleasing while also using the space with higher function. Some of the best ways to incorporate a modern home design in your area are to minimize your decor (like removing knickknacks and excessive wall hangings), paint your walls white, or try custom glass to create more open spaces as European glass for a walk-in shower. 

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