What Is a European Style Shower? A Total Guide

What Is a European Style Shower? A Total Guide

Whether you are renovating your bathroom or just want to give an elegant touch to the space, the perfect place to start is by adding a European style shower.

Adding European-style shower doors, also called frameless glass shower doors in the industry, can instantly improve the look and feel of your bathroom. This style of door is incredibly sleek and ultra-contemporary and is a shockingly affordable way to upgrade and update your space. Frameless shower doors and tub surrounds are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners and are the common choice for a good reason!

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Framed vs. Frameless Shower Doors and Enclosures

Many of us likely grew up in a house with framed shower doors and enclosures. These types of doors get the job done and are cheap to make, so many builders and homeowners opt for them. 

They are generally paired with frosted or textured glass for privacy and design reasons and are often surrounded by chrome or bright gold metal finishes. Shower doors are still considered framed if a metal framework surrounds the glass door.

Frameless shower doors started gaining popularity in the late 90s and early 2000s. Generally speaking, they are made using heavy, thick tempered glass and feature next to no framework. Instead of a frame holding the glass, heavy-duty hinges support the weight of the door that is directly attached to the glass, not a frame.

Frameless systems can still feature headers and track components to secure all sections to the walls. A shower door can still be considered frameless if the operable part (the gliding, swinging, or otherwise moving door) has no surrounding metal and is hung with hinges. Frameless shower doors and minimal, discrete hardware can help you achieve a modern, chic look.

5 Major Advantages of European Style Shower Doors

There are seemingly countless benefits that come with having a European style shower in your bathroom. Here are just some of those perks:

  • European Doors Give the Appearance of More Space — It is not uncommon for the bathrooms in your property to feel cramped, especially if you have an older house. If this sounds like your situation, Euro shower doors are the answer. This door style gives your bathroom a lighter and more airy appearance and feel. They visually enhance and expand the space without actually tearing down any walls.
  • Euro-Style Doors Can Increase Home Value — Because frameless shower doors are so popular and high up on most buyers’ must-have lists, they can help increase the value of your house. Moreover, your home will appeal to more buyers, which could result in a bidding war, driving up the sale price, something any seller would be pleased with!
  • A Euro Glass Shower Door Means Tossing the Shower Curtain — We hate to be the ones to tell you if you do not already know. But, the shower curtain hanging in your bathroom could contain 60 times more bacteria than your toilet seat. Eek! It is time to throw out your shower curtain and opt for the cleaner Euro shower doors. European enclosures are superior and less likely to accumulate bacteria since they have fewer nooks and crannies where soap scum, mold, and mildew can multiply.
  • Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa-Like Retreat with European Style Shower Doors — Wouldn’t it be great to the spa on a daily basis? Unfortunately, that dream is pretty unrealistic. But installing Euro doors in your bathroom will help you feel like you are visiting a high-end spa every time you go to take a shower.
  • Euro Doors Means Uninterrupted Sight Lines — Frameless shower doors are frameless! Shower doors with frames can feel bulky and interrupt sight lines. Without frames, sight lines are entirely uninterrupted, allowing homeowners to show off any custom tile or stonework inside their shower for a sleek and elegant look.

Are Euro Shower Doors the Best Option for Your Bathroom?

For most bathrooms, European shower doors require professional help, such as measuring, design, and custom fabrication. Yes, you can find frameless doors that come in prefab, standard sizes, and various shapes. But if you want a perfect fit and to utilize all the space you can, a customized shower and Euro door are the best options.

The budget is essential to a homeowner’s renovation or new build. Many homeowners quickly opt for a framed shower door or even a shower curtain without considering any other options because they just assume everything else is too much. But did you know that frameless shower doors can fit into many homeowners’ budgets? 

Yes, they cost more than curtains or their framed counterparts, but the Euro doors are surprisingly affordable. Before making any quick decisions on a framed shower door or curtain, look into your frameless options. Besides, the high-end look of a European style shower is beyond comparison! We can’t think of another bathroom upgrade that gives you the same level of luxury in terms of bang for your buck.

European style shower doors are charming, chic, and ultra-modern, making them the ultimate addition to any bathroom in your house, primary, secondary, and guest bathrooms alike. The Euro door is ideal for property owners looking for a streamlined, contemporary look and can be hand-crafted and customized to complement your taste, space, and vision. 

Customize Your European Style Shower Doors and Enclosure

When designing your frameless shower door, the options are endless! Going the custom route allows Northern Utah property owners to create the shower of their dreams. 

Design a one-of-a-kind shower enclosure that elevates your bathroom to both rejuvenating and functional. Or opt for a clean, frameless design featuring a Euro-style header, improving the look and function of your space. The Euro door comes in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Do you love other styles of shower doors, too? Mix it with the European style for the perfect door (more on that in the following section).

Customizing your shower door means hand-selecting hardware types and finishes, such as hinges and handles, to complement the rest of your bathroom aesthetic, from modern, angular handles to vintage-inspired hinges and everything in between. It also means making selections about a header, mounting styles, and so much more.

Various Types of Euro-Style Shower Doors

As previously illustrated, the Euro glass shower door options are pretty much endless. The major perk of a custom shower is that you, the homeowner, get to create exactly what you need and want for your specific space.

We know that starting anything from the ground up can feel overwhelming, especially regarding ” permanent ” home design decisions. So, here are a handful of ideas, both classic and exciting hybrids, to get you started on your Euro glass shower door:

  • The Classic European Door — There is nothing wrong with going with the classic option. The classic Euro style door has no metal frames. It is timeless, chic, and minimal but far from simple!
  • Bypass European Shower Door — A popular choice among Utah property owners is a bypass and European shower door hybrid. These shower doors can have a stationary panel and a sliding piece, while others have two panels that slide freely back and forth on a track. This style of bypass door does not have a frame, making it the perfect European bypass blend.
  • European Door with Pivot Hinges — Pivot hinges are usually attached at the far corners of the door opening, creating even clearer, more open sight lines. Pivot hinges are modern in style and make for the perfect contemporary look when paired with a European style shower door.
  • European Half Doors — The half-door style for showers is standard in European countries. A partial door works best because European bathrooms typically do not have enough space for swinging door clearance. This style features one stationary panel closest to the faucet, shower head, and other fixtures to keep in overspray and splashes. Moreover, this style gives the appearance of more space and light in your bathroom.
  • European Shower Doors with Various Types of Glass — You may love the look of clear glass or want to mix it up with a different type of glass. We know that clear glass is not for everyone, especially regarding privacy and the shower door. Thankfully, if you want to add a bit of privacy with textured glass, you can still enjoy the Euro-style shower door. Textured glass can also add a pop of interest to your space. Here are some texture options to choose from:

    • Clear Glass — At their best, clear glass shower doors can look chic, clean, and bright. Just be ready to squeegee after every shower.
    • Frosted Glass — Frosted glass hides pesky hard water spots, smudges, and other marks. It also offers privacy while still allowing some natural light to flow.
    • Other Textures — There are many other types of textured glass, such as seeded, bubbles, rain, fluted, ribbed, and reeded. These styles make maintenance a lot easier, offer bathers plenty of privacy by distorting figures behind them, and allow lots of natural light to flow.

European Style Shower Doors: Design and Installation 

If you want to design and install a frameless shower door in your bathrooms, you’ll require the help of a professional. Without proper skill, knowledge, and experience, Euro-style shower doors are prone to leaks, leading to countless types of problems in your property, such as mold and water damage. 

Euro-style, professionally-made shower doors fit perfectly into the space, preventing leaks and other problems. A leak-free design and installing them properly requires years of experience, so hiring a trusted and proficient professional is crucial.

It is also wise and necessary to carefully position your shower heads, faucets, drains, and other fixtures within your shower if you want it to function correctly. Choosing a trusted glass contractor with a fantastic track record of leak-free frameless door and enclosure design and installation ensures water will end up down your drains instead of puddling on the bathroom floor.

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