Using Frameless Glass Doors Around Your Tub

Bathroom Remodel: Using Frameless Glass Doors Around Your Tub

A great way to add beauty and interest to your bathroom that will stop water damage in its tracks is to install frameless glass doors around your tub.

Frameless glass doors are not just for using around your stand-alone shower. They can also be installed and are extremely functional around your bathtub/shower combo. Installing frameless glass doors around a tub is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners in the Salt Lake City area. Read more about why enclosing your bathtub with glass is a wise choice below.

Frameless Glass Doors Are Quick and Easy to Clean

Shower curtains certainly have some perks: they can be decorative, simply slide it shut to hide a messy and cluttered tub, and are relatively easy to set up. But there are some serious disadvantages of using them, the biggest of which is the fact that they are a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Cleaning shower curtains is a tedious job, whereas cleaning a glass surround is quick and easy. Within minutes you can disinfect your glass doors and wipe them dry for a spotless and shiny clean.

Keep in Heat and Steam With Frameless Glass Doors Enclosures

Keeping your bath hot and steamy can be challenging when your tub/shower combo only has a shower curtain around it. If you want an authentic spa-like experience where your tub stays warm and the steam stays put, glass doors around your bathtub will help. You’ll never have to refill your bath again!

Splash Proof Your Bathroom With Frameless Glass Doors 

Many people believe that European doors are exclusively for showers — this is not true! If you use your bathtub, you’ll know that using your bathtub can cause as much of a splash zone as your shower — especially if you have kids. Shower curtains just don’t seem to cut it in terms of keeping water in. They also are bulky and can come crashing down when you least expect it. Frameless glass doors are an elegant and stylish yet effective way to keep water where you want it: in the bathtub.

Frameless Glass Doors Look Great

If you want your bathroom to appear bigger, look brighter, be more open, and have less clutter, you may want to consider installing frameless glass doors around your tub. A glass surround is modern, sleek, and clean-looking, especially compared to a dingy shower curtain. For a major impact in terms of function and aesthetics, opt for frameless glass doors.

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