Use Custom Glass to Revamp Your Interior Spaces​

Custom glass is an interior designer trade secret. Personalized designs add a unique and interesting focal point in a room and complement the style of any indoor space.

Customized glass isn’t just beautiful – it’s functional as well. Thanks to modern manufacturing techniques, the material is extremely strong and durable. Home décor pieces created today can last for decades.

The interior design possibilities for custom glass are endless.

Using Custom Glass Throughout Your Home

The bathroom is a natural choice for customized glass. For example, you can replace your shower curtain with a framed enclosure or frameless European-style shower doors. Doing so will open up the space, giving it a luxurious, spa-like feel.

Similarly, customized glass stairway and second-story interior catwalk railings will make your rooms feel more spacious and elegant. French doors offer the same benefit, while also providing privacy and delineating space.

Kitchens and dining rooms also provide an ideal venue for customized glass. Backsplashes, cabinets, island extensions, countertops and tabletops can all be created to your specifications to create a gorgeous look that’s also practical for everyday use.

In bedrooms and other interior spaces, custom-designed accessories, shelves and tables add an artistic, decorative touch.

Elegant Options for Custom Glass

Clear glass is a popular choice, as it gives interior spaces a brighter, more open feel. But you can choose from a variety of other option.

Textured, frosted, etched or patterned options allow the light to shine through but offer increased levels of privacy. Homeowners frequently choose a pattern or texture for their customized shower doors, tub enclosures and French doors.

Glass can also be tinted or painted to coordinate with your home décor and color palette. Colorful custom designs can give any room a fresh and updated style.

Custom Glass with a Personal Touch

Not all customized glass is the same. Many contractors work from a standard book of templates, so the designs aren’t truly personalized. Order from one of these vendors and you risk seeing the same designs in the homes of friends and neighbors.

Unlike this production approach, the design process here at New Concepts Glass Design is truly personalized. Our artists don’t work from templates. Instead, we start from scratch, consulting with you to create a one-of-a-kind design. We provide artistic guidance but you choose your materials and design options.

Once your design is finalized, our artisans fabricate your custom glass design to your specifications.

Our approach to customization brings your interior design dreams to life, giving you personalized, professional results. You have your own unique sense of style. Why not let our custom designs showcase your individuality?

New Concepts Glass Design provides handcrafted, customized design solutions to homeowners throughout Utah. From small residential accents to large-scale commercial installations, our professional team can handle any size and scope of project. To get started planning your custom glass design, contact us today.