Unique Shower Door Ideas

Your bathroom should be a luxurious safe haven. It’s where you begin and end your days, so it should not only serve your needs but also make you feel content and comfortable. Unfortunately, our bathrooms are often neglected in favor of more public spaces like kitchens and living rooms. Bathrooms can be small, cramped, and are often limited for upgrades and renovations depending on the orientation of the house and the plumbing setup. But that shouldn’t stop you from maximizing your bathroom to suit your needs and taste!

At New Concepts Glass Design, bathrooms are our favorite. We love to transform a space with our custom glass design to make something completely unique and unforgettable. It doesn’t matter if your bathroom is the smallest we’ve ever seen, older than our grandparents, or situated strangely across a corner. New Concepts Glass Design creates custom solutions to complex problems to leave you satisfied and in love with your bathroom.

Shower Doors

One of the best ways to upgrade your bathroom is to focus on the shower door. The shower door is the first place we start when consulting with a new client who wants to change up their bathroom but is hesitant or unable to commit to a total renovation. A shower door is a great way to gradually introduce a new design scheme or update an old or dysfunctional bathroom. Think beyond your basic shower curtain or sliding glass shower door to new, unique options.

Framed Glass

A multi-paned, the framed glass shower door is a hot new option in the contemporary and modern farmhouse style. It’s also a great way to introduce color since the frames around the panes can be painted any color you want.

Barn Door Style

The top-hung sliding barn doors have become increasingly popular in bedrooms and main living spaces, so why not use them in your bathroom? A sliding glass shower door gets a modern update when it’s hung from the top and slides along with the top rack.


Some people see the world through rose-colored glasses, but what if you could see your shower that way? Tinted glass can provide a large number of effects in your bathroom, from a dark and moody luxury to a quirky and bright feel.


Etched or frosted glass shower doors can add both art and privacy. Etched designs can be stunning and bring taste to a small space, and frosted glass can help diffuse light and block out the visibility of the shower for privacy.

What’s right for your bathroom? It’s hard to say, but our glass experts at New Concepts Glass Design can help you determine what your needs and style are and then create the perfect solution within your budget to overhaul and update your bathroom, no matter the size. We use our skill with glass to consult with customers and create a custom product for your specific bathroom. Let’s talk together to consider options for your glass shower door and other bathroom goals.