Types of Glass Shower Doors

With glass shower doors, if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all, right?


Glass doors come in a variety of styles and designs. Choosing the right type to suit your bathroom will depend upon the type of shower you have, the size and placement of your shower opening and – of course – your budget.

Although you have other options for customizing your glass shower enclosure, here are three of the most sought-after styles of glass shower enclosures and doors.

Bypass Shower Doors

Bypass doors, also referred to as sliding doors, were to go-to option for decades. In fact, these may be what you envision when you think of a glass shower door. Typically, these doors are made up of two or three panels that slide past each other. along tracks at the top and bottom of the shower unit.

Sliding doors are popular because they take up the least amount of space. These doors are budget-friendly and ideal for showers with wide openings. Homeowners with standard bathtubs or alcove showers often choose bypass doors.

Pivot Glass Shower Doors

If your bathroom is large, you may want to consider a pivot door.

Also called a swing-open door, a pivot door opens on hinges, just like the other doors in your home. This type of door is most commonly used in showers with narrow openings, such as corner standalone showers.

A pivot glass door can be installed with one or two fixed panels, and they are usually installed to open outward. For this style of door to work, you must have enough unoccupied floor space for the door to swing open fully without obstruction. Some homeowners, however, opt to mount these doors so that they open inward, or so that they pivot both ways.

Round Glass Shower Doors

If you have a corner standalone or alcove shower, you have another intriguing option: a round glass door.

As the name suggests, round doors have a curved design, which creates a more spacious area for bathing. This type of door swings on hinges at the top and bottom of the frame. A round glass door can be installed to open at the left or the right, whichever fits the design of your bathroom.

With some bathroom remodels, no shower door is necessary. A walk-in shower (sometimes called a snail shower) provides easy entry, while at the same time providing a clean, modern look. For this application, a simple glass enclosure may be sufficient.

Regardless of which type of door you choose, a wide range of glass panel styles are available for your shower. Clear glass is the traditional choice, but you could select frosted, textured, opaque or patterned glass. Painted custom glass is another option that can make your bathroom unique.

New Concepts Glass specializes in glass shower enclosures and tub surrounds of all types. Our truly custom approach means your enclosure will be a perfect fit, and we promise you’ll be delighted with the design. Contact us today for assistance in selecting the perfect glass shower doors for your home.