Types of Glass Shower Doors for your Bathroom

Types of Glass Shower Doors for your Bathroom

If you want to update your bathroom, a good place to start is by replacing your glass shower doors.

You’ve probably walked into a bathroom, possibly even your own, and seen an unsightly boxed-in shower enclosure or dingy and potentially moldy shower curtain. Thankfully, there are alternatives to those unattractive and unhealthy options: a glass shower door. 

There are many options for glass shower doors and, today, we’re taking a deep dive look into the various types of shower doors. Continue reading below to find out more.

Types of Glass Shower Doors

European Shower Door — European shower doors, or a Euro-door, are similar to traditional shower doors, except they do not have the typical frame. They give your bathroom an ultra-sleek, contemporary, and streamlined look with their frameless design. European shower doors make the space in your bathroom appear larger, brighter, and cleaner. They instantly give your bathroom a spa-like and higher-end feel.

Bypass Shower Door — Bypass shower doors are a popular option for Utah homeowners, particularly in Salt Lake City and Park City. Bypass shower doors, also known as sliding glass shower doors, are similar to your patio or porch sliding door. Some bypass doors have a stationary panel and another that freely slides back and forth on its track, while others have two moving panes of glass. The track can feature either manual rollers or glide without wheels. Bypass shower doors work well for showers or shower/tub combos and are an excellent option for smaller spaces.

Framed Shower Door — Framed shower doors are a popular choice among homeowners, especially in secondary bathrooms. While they may not look as chic as frameless options, they are, however, an affordable and sturdy option for your bathroom

Various Glass Textures — Textured glass can add a pop of interest to your bathroom. There are many different types of glass textures:

  • Clear Glass — At their best and cleanest, clear glass doors can look bright, chic, and almost like a work of art. Just be prepared to squeegee after each and every use.
  • Frosted Glass — Frosted glass offers privacy that clear glass can’t and helps hide pesky hard water spots.
  • Other Textured Glass — There are many other different styles of textured glass, such as reeded (also referred to as fluted and ribbed) and seeded (or bubbles). These styles also offer plenty of privacy by distorting what is behind them and make maintenance a lot more doable.

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