Trade Your Tub for a Sleek Custom Glass Shower

A gorgeous, spa-like custom glass shower is the perfect design choice if you’re looking to modernize your bathroom.

Swapping out a dated tub for a glass-enclosed shower can take your bathroom from boring to beautiful. If you rarely use your bathtub and you want a more contemporary look, the advantages of installing a customized glass enclosure are hard to beat.

A Custom Glass-Enclosed Shower is More Spacious

Most bathtubs are 60 inches wide, which doesn’t feel all that roomy when you take a soak. For a glass shower, however, 60 inches is a great width.

Convert your tub to a custom glass enclosure, and you may be surprised at just how comfortable and expansive the shower feels. The space inside seems cavernous compared to the tight quarters of a tub and shower curtain.

Installing a glass shower also optimizes the available space and gives the room a more open feel. For small bathrooms, the transformation can be particularly impressive, as the custom glass makes the room appear much less crowded.

A Custom Glass Shower Offers More Desirable Features

Get rid of your bathtub, and you can also get rid of those inconveniently-located fixtures. Put the faucet controls exactly where you want them, perhaps near the entrance instead of under the showerhead spray. And why not place them higher on the wall so you don’t have to stoop?

With a customized glass shower, you can also include state-of-the-art features designed to make you feel pampered. Multiple showerheads, body sprayers, steam capability and warm-air jets are just a few of the possibilities.

And, you’ll get to select the style of your door handles, towel bars and other fixtures. The hardware finish is also your choice – go with copper, brushed stainless steel, polished nickel or whatever finish matches your other bathroom fixtures.

Custom Glass Can Also Provide Privacy

A clear glass-enclosed shower can be a stunning addition to any bathroom, as it allows you to showcase other design elements. If you have eye-catching marble or mosaic tile walls, for example, installing see-through glass may make sense.

However, if you’re like many homeowners, you may be concerned about privacy. If so, you can customize the glass for your shower, choosing a patterned, frosted or textured style that won’t leave you feeling so exposed.

And, lest you worry about resale value, most homebuyers today prefer to have an upgraded, customized shower in the master bath, rather than the basic tub and shower that were popular in the past. In fact, HGTV says that, today, “people aren’t spending time in the tub.”

Ready to trade out that old, tired tub? The team at New Concepts Glass offers free consultations to homeowners in Salt Lake City and the throughout northern Utah. Our professional glass artists can update your bathroom with a modern custom glass shower enclosure. Contact us to begin exploring your options today.