The Pros of Having a Glass Shower Door in Your Bathrooms

Interior of a bathroom featuring a glass shower door and a tub.

If you are considering installing a glass shower door in your bathroom, it is wise to weigh the pros and cons of your decision.

Glass shower doors can be a great addition to most bathrooms. But before you pull the trigger on a glass shower door installation, property owners should look into all advantages and disadvantages of glass shower walls and doors in your bathroom.

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Here are just some of the perks of a glass shower door:

1. Very Functional

A glass shower door and enclosure are highly functional and one of the best things you’ll add to your bathroom. A glass shower door installation means enjoying perks like a door that opens how you want or need it to, so you can make the most of your space. 

Shower curtains get bunched (which encourages mold growth) and take up lots of space, whereas a glass shower door doesn’t come with those minor nuisances. Instead, it is a smooth and functional transition. 

2. A Shower Glass is Totally Customizable

When designing your shower doors, the options are virtually endless. Custom doors ensure you get the exact design and size you want for your bathroom. Really, you can determine the glass thickness, glass type, door width and height, hinge and hardware type, style, size, placement, and finish. 

  • Glass Thickness: A lot of glass shower and tub surrounds and doors are between ⅜ inch thickness and ½ inch thickness. This thickness gives the glass an expensive and luxe feel and is super effective.
  • Glass Type: There are many options when it comes to glass type. Some property owners choose normal clear glass, while others opt for obscured glass, also called patterned, textured, and figured glass. Textured options include rain, bubble, frosted, reeded, and many more!
  • Patterned glass is great for shower doors because it offers the bather plenty of privacy while enjoying the perks of glass, such as the appearance of more space, more light pouring into the space, and more. Clear glass is a fantastic, timeless choice too. You really can’t go wrong.
  • Door Size: Do you have special requirements for your shower door, such as you need wheelchair access? Easy, a custom shower door allows you to get exactly what you want.
  • Door Hinge: Hinges can be installed on either side of the door to allow the door to swing whichever way you want or need it to.
  • Door Hardware: Lastly, you can customize the type and finish of the hardware on your glass doors. This includes your handle, anchor bracket (if necessary), and hinges. Finish types come in a wide variety, such as polished chrome, brushed nickel, matte black, rubbed bronze, satin brass, and more!

3. Give the Appearance of More Space

Bathrooms are often quite small and can feel really tight and cramped. Showers or tubs with a bulky frame or, worse, a bacteria-covered shower curtain can make the space feel even smaller!

A glass shower door gives the opposite effect. Glass magically gives the appearance and feeling of more space. This is because glass allows light to flow through freely, creating more light and openness. People will wonder if you did a total gut-job renovation and think you dedicated additional square footage to your bathroom.

If you want a spacious and open bathroom, a glass shower door is certainly the way to go. Clear glass is the best choice to achieve this effect; however, textured glass also lets some light pass, helping cultivate a spacious room. For the ultimate space-maker effect and to maximize the available space, opt for a frameless glass shower enclosure and door, also called a European shower.

4. Lighter and Brighter

Alongside creating the appearance of more space, a glass shower door helps make the room lighter and brighter. It is one of the biggest perks of glass; it inherently lets light flow.

Showers enclosed with a shower curtain block out the light in your bathroom, whether from an artificial source, like a light fixture, or a natural one, like a window or skylight. This creates a dimming effect in the shower. 

Sure, some property owners and their loved ones might not be bothered by the lack of light; however, many prefer a light and bright shower experience. Morning-time showers in the natural light are rejuvenating, while evening-time showers offer a relaxing shower experience.

If the idea of natural light-filled freely flowing into your shower sounds good, then a clear glass shower door is a perfect choice. Textured glass is ideal if you want increased privacy without sacrificing the brightening effect.

5. Highly Durable

The definition of durable is something that withstands pressure, damage, and wear, and a regular old shower curtain does not fit into that mold. A solid, strong glass shower door, however, definitely meets those requirements, as it isn’t susceptible to damage and can withstand decades of regular use and wear.

Shower curtains miss the mark because they have to be replaced frequently due to grime and mold buildup. The shower rod also slips from its place often, tumbling down to the floor, leaving property owners to “rethread” the curtain on the rod and rehang it in place. 

A glass shower door is completely different and doesn’t come with negative potentials. It is firmly attached to the wall or glass enclosure. While glass is fragile in some applications, glass shower doors are made with thick tempered glass to withstand a shocking amount of pressure and regular wear. A tempered glass shower door will last for years, even decades!

The Pros of Having a Glass Shower Door in Your Bathrooms

6. Cleaner and More Sanitary

One of the biggest disadvantages of shower curtains is how challenging they are to keep clean. Due to their inherent nature and makeup, it is the perfect place for mold, mildew, and bacteria to grow.

To get this material clean, property owners with shower curtains know it’s either take the curtain completely off of the rod and scrub it clean or toss it and buy a whole new curtain. Most people choose to replace their shower curtain altogether after a couple of years, which may not seem like a high cost, but it can add up over time! A glass shower door is the way to go for a more sustainable and cost-effective approach.

7. Modern, Sleek

Aesthetic Of course, the durability and functionality of a glass shower enclosure are essential; there’s another part of these doors that makes them so special. A glass shower door is highly modern and gives your space a sleek aesthetic. Style and design are likely high on your priority list if you are undergoing a bathroom remodel or new build. Nothing updates a bathroom faster than glass doors.

Yes, a glass shower door may lean towards a modern style. But it is not exclusive to contemporary or modern-style properties. A glass shower enclosure and door fit in perfectly with every style and design, including traditional, French country, victorian, and many more! 

Even if you are only replacing your shower curtain with a glass option — no other updates to your bathroom — you can find designs to match the current style of your existing bathroom. Does your bathroom already have matte black hardware? Easy! You can match your new glass shower door to match your current hardware.

8. Increased Property Values

Another exciting benefit of a glass shower enclosure and the door is its ability to increase the value of your property. A glass shower door can increase your home’s value because of the many advantages it adds to the house, as described above. 

For example, suppose you customize your shower door and enclosure to match the rest of the house and bathroom’s interior design style. In that case, you’ll have a consistent, seamless design that will impress potential buyers. In addition, the perception of more space, light, and openness of the bathroom also adds an inviting element, making the bathroom pleasant to be in. 

Furthermore, a strong, long-lasting glass shower door’s increased durability, functionality, and safety increase a property’s overall value. These advantages, along with the significant decrease in mold, enhance the house’s value and quality. 

Given the many remarkable perks, it is no wonder that a glass shower enclosure and door increase the value of your house. It is something you will want to keep in mind if you are remodeling the property with the intent to resell.

The Cons of Having a Glass Shower Door in Your Bathroom

Keeping it 100% Spot-Free 100% of the Time — While keeping your glass doors in your shower clean requires minimal work, it still requires intentional effort. Thankfully there are many products available today to make the job a breeze. And compared to keeping a shower curtain clean, keeping your glass enclosure clean is a piece of cake!

A squeegee and a hydrophobic shower spray are well worth the small investment, and these products will become your best friend. Applying a water-repellent solution to your glass periodically (just follow the instructions on the back of the spray bottle) and quickly using your squeegee after each shower lets you keep your glass shower looking crystal clear and free from build-up and spots.

Showers and tubs are inherently capable of growing mold. Of course, framed or frameless shower doors are much easier to clean than a curtain, but they do require some cleaning. This is because the edges where the glass meets the tile allow mold and scum to build up. The good news is this is relatively easy to keep clean too. Using a cleaner with bleach weekly will stop mold from growing in the first place.

You’ll Want Glass Doors in All of Your Bathrooms — Once you install glass shower doors in one of your bathrooms, you’ll love the way it looks and functions so much that you’ll want one in each of your bathrooms. 

There are so many perks that come with installing a glass shower door in your bathrooms; it is not uncommon for property owners to want to enjoy those benefits in every one of your showers. Thankfully, there’s a place that can help all of your glass dreams come to life: New Concepts Glass Design.

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