Streaky Glass: Why Are My Windows and Glass Doors So Streaky?

Streaky Glass: Why Are My Windows and Glass Doors So Streaky?

Have you ever washed your windows or glass doors, only to have the result be unsightly streaky glass? It’s one of the most frustrating things that can happen while cleaning your windows and glass doors.

Streaks really can ruin the look of an otherwise spotless property. Streaks are evident on sunny days; if the temperatures are warm, you are even more susceptible to them. Regardless of where you live or work, the appearance of your property is always better when windows are properly cleaned and streak-free.

Of course, windows without streaks are the goal, but how do you get there? Is it even possible? The answer is yes. Avoiding windows with streaks is entirely possible. You can also hire professional window and glass cleaning companies to do the job for you.

Knowing why streaks can happen is the key to getting your windows shiny, crystal clear, and streak-free. Once you understand why it happens, you’ll be able to avoid the issue altogether. If you need help with streaky glass, we’re here to fill you in on everything you need to know. 

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Windows With Streaks? Why Is This Happening?

It’s no secret that a streak-free window, glass door, mirror, or anything glass looks better and is ideal. But sometimes, getting rid of pesky streaks or cleaning the surfaces without them appearing feels like an uphill battle. The good news is that there’s hope! It’s all about your approach and technique. 

The number one reason you see streaks on your windows and other glass surfaces is that you’re probably using the wrong cleaning solution or product. It’s important to note that just because something claims to be “professional grade” or is sold in a big-box store does not mean it’s good! Not all window washing products are created equally.

Buzzwords like “ammonia” or “alcohol-based cleaners” often get the best of innocent novice window washes. Products containing these ingredients are more likely to leave streaks after washing your glass. Glass doors and windows with streaks happen because these cleaning solutions have a higher evaporation rate than other types of cleaners.

Moreover, if you choose to wash your windows on a warm, sunny day, you’re even more likely to see streaks post-washing because the higher temps and direct sunlight can increase the evaporation rate. We don’t blame people for waiting for a nice day to do chores like washing the windows, but you might have to do a lot more work getting rid of those streaks.

Instead, find an overcast day — with no threat of rain or other precipitation — with a mild temperature to wash your windows and glass doors. Additionally, use a cleaning solution without streak-causing ingredients, like a homemade solution using warm water and vinegar. 

Another culprit of streaky glass surfaces could be using the wrong equipment and materials to clean your windows and doors. Some people opt to save a buck and use cheap, low-quality materials or, worse, ones that are unclean. 

A surefire way to avoid cloudy, streaky glass is to use a microfiber cloth. Keep in mind that these clothes can get dirty quickly, so having plenty to swap out is key!

Avoid using standard terrycloth towels, which often leave bits of fuzz and fibers. You’ll also want to avoid using paper towels or crumpled-up newspaper since they can leave behind deteriorated or pilled bits and prominent streaks when they become overly wet.

Tips for Glass Doors and Windows Without Streaks

  • Remember to dust before you start cleaning. One of the most common errors people make when cleaning their glass surfaces is to skip dusting first. The more dust, dirt, and other debris on the surface, the more likely these airborne particles will leave your windows looking hazy and streaky. It may seem like a tedious additional step, but it’s worth it!
  • As mentioned, take advantage of quality cleaning solutions and equipment/materials. Some cleaners and materials can leave behind residues resulting in a cloudy glass surface.
  • Skip the suds. Soap is excellent for removing stink, not streaks. Too many suds can leave your glass surfaces covered in unsightly streaks. Soaps aren’t necessary for cleaning glass. Instead, stick with vinegar, an excellent solvent that removes and cuts through any buildup.
  • Only bite off what you can chew. Avoid streaks by taking on too large of an area. Instead, focus on smaller, “more chewable” areas. That way, you’ll be able to see what is happening, work before your products dry, and make any changes to your cleaning process.
  • Level up your drying game and avoid streaks! If avoiding streaks and haze and preventing future dust buildup is important, you’ll want to incorporate a proper drying technique. Swap out your drying rag for a squeegee, and enjoy a streak-free glass!
  • Windows without streaks are the goal; we get it! If you have the funds but need more time, hire a professional to do the job for you. 

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