Make Your Kitchen Appear Bigger with Glass and Mirrors

Make Your Kitchen Appear Bigger with Glass and Mirrors

Did you know by methodically placing mirrors and using glass throughout your space, you can make your kitchen appear bigger?

The countless hours that homeowners spend in the kitchen should be as light and bright and open and airy as possible. Unfortunately, this isn’t the reality for many properties. Instead of breaking the bank with a complete remodel and total renovation, there are some cost-effective and simple things you can do with glass and mirrors to make your kitchen feel more spacious.

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How You Can Make Your Kitchen Appear Bigger With Glass and Mirrors

Do you want to give the illusion of added space with mirrors and glass in your kitchen? Here’s what you need to know:

Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger with Glass Cabinets — Adding glass to any space can open up an area and add a sense of more light and brightness. Of course, this doesn’t mean replacing everything and the surface with new glass. Instead, consider the following:

  • Glass Placement — Glass cabinets, while elegant and timeless, aren’t always a practical choice and should not be used everywhere in your kitchen. Lower cabinets made of glass are susceptible to damage and breaking, so stick to glass cabinets for your upper cupboards. Doing this will help bring the eye upwards, making your kitchen feel taller.
  • Type of Glass — Glass doors help you create the illusion of light and additional space, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you must select a translucent option. Other types of glass, such as etched, textured, frosted, and more, can also help open up the area.
  • How Many Glass Cabinets — Think about how many cupboard doors you want to replace with glass. The more you do, the more “space” you’ll create.

Make Your Kitchen Appear Bigger with Mirrors — If you want to bid farewell to your dark and dim kitchen without spending all your hard-earned cash, strategically add mirrors throughout the space! Not to mention, the mirror’s reflection will create an illusion of double the space! To make the most of the room, add a custom mirror:

  • Across from a Window — Reflect as much natural light as possible by installing mirrors right across from windows.
  • Close to a Light Fixture — If your kitchen doesn’t have any windows, you can place a mirror near an artificial lighting fixture to reflect as much light as possible to add a sense of brightness.
  • To Cabinets — Add glass to your cabinets to reflect as much light as possible and visually double your space.
  • As a Backlash — Like the cabinets, a mirror on this long, narrow space will reflect light and everything else across from it, giving the effect of additional space.

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