How Using Glass in Your Bathroom Can Provide an Elegant Look

How Using Glass in Your Bathroom Can Provide an Elegant Look

Glass in a bathroom is one of the most effective ways to achieve an elegant aesthetic throughout the space.

Did you know that the average individual spends more than two years of their life in the bathroom? Because that is a significant amount of time for a person to spend in one place over their lifetime, the space should, at the very least, be relaxing, comfortable, and fit the needs and style of the ones using it often. 

Ideally, your most-used bathroom would feel luxurious or spa-like. If you want to give your bathroom an elegant look and feel, one of the best ways to achieve this is by incorporating glass throughout your design. 

Continue reading below to learn how glass used in a bathroom can upgrade and enhance your space.

How Glass Used in a Bathroom Makes the Space Instantly Elegant

If you are renovating a current bathroom, building a new one, or just want a few simple ways to update your space, this article is for you! Bathrooms, in many cases, have the well-earned rap of being cave-like and dark, dingy, and dated. If you want to avoid those three dreadful Ds, incorporating glass into your design is key!

The glass used in a bathroom can instantly enhance the space, making it feel light, airy, and clean. Moreover, glass has the ability to play tricks on the human eye and give the appearance of more space. It really is magical what this material can do when used correctly!

However, like all things, bathroom glass can look great, and in other situations, it can look, well, to put it lightly, not so great. Learn how to achieve an elegant look by using glass in your bathrooms in the following section.

7 Ways to Use Glass in a Bathroom to Achieve an Elegant Look

Bathroom glass finishes, accessories, and features will help your space achieve the look and feel you want without spending an arm and leg. Here’s how:

  1. Glass Accessories — If you don’t have the time, budget, or desire for a total gut job on your bathroom refresh but still want an elegant space, try adding glass accessories throughout. A few clear or colored glass bottles, jars, or canisters added to your countertop and tub surround are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. These pieces can help keep you organized by storing items like cotton balls and swabs, bath salts, toothbrushes, and more.
  2. Add Glass Shelves — If your bathroom is like that of others, you could probably use a little bit of additional storage space. There are many storage solutions out there, like those over-the-toilet storage units and medical cabinets. However, these pieces often feel dated and bulky. Instead, try adding two or three glass shelves to solve your storage issues without crowding the space.
  3. Opt for Glass Tiles — While various types of stone tiles are a popular choice among homeowners, glass tiles will offer a bit of sparkle and shine. Glass tiles come in many sizes, colors, and textures and can add depth and the illusion of added space to your bathroom. Moreover, these kinds of tiles will mesh well with just about any style or aesthetic preference.
  4. European Shower Doors — Are you ready to graduate from your shower curtain or brass-framed door? If your answer is yes, European shower doors and tub surround is the perfect way to add an elegant and updated touch to your bathroom. These frameless doors help your space feel like you are walking into a high-end spa every time you enter your bathroom. Not to mention, you will love the bigger and brighter appearance it gives.
  5. Switch Out that Builder-Grade Mirror — The bathroom glass mirrors your home came with are functional and practical, but they are not doing anything to beautify or enhance your space. However, a custom mirror, one that is made just for your space and is specific to your style, will effectively and quickly improve and add a sense of elegance to your bathroom.
  6. Swap Out Standard Cabinet Doors for Glass Ones — We know that bathroom cabinets can easily become cluttered and not exactly something you want to have on display. However, if you can swing it, swapping out your standard cabinet doors for ones with a glass insert can really elevate a space. In these cabinets, you can showcase your favorite towels, bath salts, perfumes, candles, and more.
  7. Add a Window or Skylight — If your bathroom falls into the aforementioned dire three Ds category, you may want to consider adding in some natural light with a skylight or window if your property’s roofing situation and/or floor plan allows for it. Another perk to added natural light is that your electrical bills will be lower since you won’t need to use your lights as often.

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