How to Use Glass in Your Bathroom Regardless of its Design Aesthetic

How to Use Glass in Your Bathroom Regardless of its Design Aesthetic?

There are many design aesthetics out there that don’t lend themselves to sharing specific elements in Salt Lake City homes. 

But one stands out, one that is incredibly versatile, stylish, and timeless across homes from Murray to Park City: glass.

Despite what people may believe, glass decor and design elements are not only reserved for contemporary and modern designs. While glass has its place among those spaces (we’ll dive into that, too), it also fits in among other styles and design aesthetics — regardless of what it is.

Today, we’re conducting a mini design class and diving into how you can incorporate glass in your bathroom, regardless of the style and decor of the space. Read more below!

How to Use Glass in Your Bathroom Regardless of its Design Aesthetic

If you are updating your bathroom, you may be wondering what the best type of shower door for your space is. Here’s what you need to know about glass doors and various design aesthetics:

Contemporary and Modern Bathrooms — Transforming your dated bathroom into a modern masterpiece is made easy with glass elements. Because modern styles are often simple or minimalistic in design, glass allows the space to be light and airy without all the knickknack clutter, like shower curtains. To get the full effect, try choosing the following:

European Shower Door: This frameless style of shower door is fully made of glass and helps create clean lines and opens up the space, which really adds to the minimalist contemporary style.

Simple, Yet Sleek Hardware: While European shower doors are frameless, you’ll need to select hardware for the hinges and door pulls. For contemporary spaces, opt for something simple in a modern metal instead of ornate accents.

Eclectic Bathrooms — If you’re having a hard time choosing between just one design aesthetic, you don’t have to! Bring in elements of your favorite styles for a dynamic and personal look. Here’s how to get that creative effect using glass:

Dress Up the Glass: Clear glass is not your only option; consider using tinted or frosted glass.

Mixed Hardware: Blend your favorite styles and mix and match hardware throughout your bathroom.

Rustic and Farmhouse Bathrooms — Do you love the feel and look of the farmhouse or rustic design aesthetic? You can still incorporate glass into your bathroom designs! Here’s how:

Use Rustic Hardware: Unlike contemporary spaces, you can use antique-looking hardware or hardware made of natural materials.

Warm, Natural Materials Behind the Glass: Full glass panels allow you to really enjoy and take in what’s behind them, so opt for natural stones and warm-colored tiles to amp up your rustic design.

Update Your Bathroom Design Aesthetic with New Concepts Glass Design

If you want to update your bathroom design aesthetic but aren’t sure where to start, contact the experts at New Concepts Glass Design. Using glass in your bathroom design is a sleek and timeless option that will open the space, giving you the bathroom shower door of your dreams. Our team of professionals can help your vision come to life thanks to their more than 30 years of combined experience. We are proud to serve those in Park City, Murray, Salt Lake City, and surrounding areas in Utah. Contact New Concepts Glass Design today for your free estimate.