How to Select the Ideal Glass Shower Doors and Enclosures

How to Select the Ideal Glass Shower Doors and Enclosures

When shopping for glass shower doors and enclosures, sticking to your budget is obviously a major concern. But choosing the right one for your space and personal style involves more than simply looking at numbers.

So, aside from the price tag, what else should you consider? Here are three professional glass contractor tips for selecting your ideal glass shower enclosure for your bathroom specifications and your décor preferences.

Structural Considerations for Glass Shower Door Installation

Where is your shower located in the bathroom? Is it in the corner? Or is yours a bathtub surrounded by three walls?

The structural design of your shower can narrow down the type of glass door and enclosure you can choose. For example, a pivot or swing door that opens outward probably isn’t a practical choice to enclose a bathtub. Sliding doors would be more appropriate in that scenario.

You may also need to check your bathroom walls. What are they made of? Are they structurally sound? And where are the studs that can support a shower door and enclosure?

The answers to these questions can help you determine the maximum amount of weight of glass that the walls can support.

Functionality of Your Glass Shower Enclosure

Take a good, long look at your available bathroom space.

Is there enough room to allow for a swing-open door? Could you install a rounded glass door and panels to create more space inside the shower? The shower enclosure you choose must not affect the functionality of the rest of the bathroom, so if space is tight you may need to rethink the configuration.

A glass door is much more effective at keeping water from spilling onto the floor during than a shower curtain. But, depending upon the type of door you install, it may not be completely watertight. So, make sure your shower head is directed away from the door to help eliminate the possibility of water leaking onto your floor.

Selecting a Glass Shower Door to Complement Your Style

Once you’ve considered structure and function, you can move on to the fun part – selecting a door that fits your personal style.

Do you want a framed glass shower, with the hardware matched to your faucets? Or would you prefer a frameless design to give your bathroom a modern, open feel?

What type of glass would you like? Clear is a popular choice, particularly for darker spaces, but you could choose frosted, tinted or textured glass. Or, you could go with a custom painted design.

When designing a shower enclosure for your bathroom, you have many options to choose from. When you work with the custom glass professionals of New Concepts Glass Design, you’re limited only by your own imagination.

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