How to Remove Hard Water Stains from Your Shower Glass Doors

How to Remove Hard Water Stains from Your Shower Glass Doors

Thanks to high heat, constant exposure to moisture, and soap and shampoo residue, keeping your shower glass doors clean proves to be complicated.

But, perhaps, that triple threat is the least of your worries. Worse than all of that is the minerals in your water that deposit a cloudy buildup on surfaces, especially noticeable on glass. Even in bathrooms that are well ventilated and where regular post-shower squeegeeing occurs, hard water stains can leave their mark, making your glass doors look dingy and grimy.

Learn how to remove hard water stains from the glass surfaces in your bathroom below.

3 Effect Methods for Removing Hard Water Stains from Shower Glass Doors

There are many effective methods for removing hard water stains from the glass surfaces in your bathroom. Here are a few:

Method #1 — White Vinegar 

One of the most effective and non-toxic ways to get rid of hard water spots is vinegar. White vinegar is tough enough to tackle stubborn stains yet gentle enough on your family and home’s surfaces. To get rid of these spots, make a mixture of one part water and one part vinegar. Spray a good amount of the mixture onto a clean microfiber cloth and gently scrub the glass using small, circular motions. 

The vinegar works to break down the mineral buildup, while the towel’s texture works as a gentle abrasive. Once you’ve saturated the affected area and scrubbed every surface, allow the mixture to sit for a bit longer without letting it dry, which can lead to additional spots. Let the mixture sit even longer for tougher stains before tackling it with a cloth. Once you’ve completed this, wipe off the mixture using a squeegee and follow up with a clean, dry towel. 

For more challenging spots or additional stain-lifting power, try using a more significant amount of vinegar and sprinkle baking soda on top of the water-vinegar mixture.

Method #2 — Lemons

If you want a natural and non-toxic approach to getting rid of stains, try using lemons. Like vinegar, the acidic nature of lemons helps break down hard water spots. Add fresh or store-bought lemon juice (if that’s what you have) to a spray bottle with water, spray onto a knobby towel, and begin to scrub the affected areas gently. Or, you can cut the lemon in half and wipe the fleshy part of the fruit all over the hard water spots. Let the area soak, then rinse and dry using a clean microfiber cloth.

A couple of helpful tips: fresh lemon juice seems to work better than bottled. You can make your lemons easier to juice and get a larger amount by firmly rolling your lemons on your counter before cutting into it.

Method #3 — Store-Bought Product 

If you’d rather use a store-bought cleaner, you can purchase various hard water stain remover products at your local grocer or home improvement store. If you decide to go with this method, make sure you follow instructions carefully and confirm that the product you’ve selected is safe to use on glass.

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Using these methods, you can avoid hard water stains on your shower glass doors and keep your bathroom looking sparkly clean.
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