How Can I Design My Own Home?

As you live in different houses, you begin to develop a taste for design, and you may begin to think about designing your own home.

Some people assume that only the rich and famous can style their own homes. They picture enormous mansions fit for the Salt Lake Parade of Homes and think it’s not for them.

What if we told you that you can create your own dream home, no matter the size or budget? It is completely possible to create a plan for a house that meets all of your needs and matches your distinct style. Here’s how.

How to Design Your Own Home

  1. Dream Big. Begin by looking for inspiration everywhere you can. Notice houses you enjoy as you drive around, and browse home renovation magazines, walkthrough home improvement stores, model homes, and interesting neighborhoods. Watching popular renovation shows on TV can provide a source of inspiration, too. Don’t worry about how big, silly, or strange the elements may seem to you—if you find yourself drawn to something, write it down.
  1. Analyze Your Taste. What do you notice about the ideas you’ve curated? Do you see any trends? Maybe you’ll be surprised to see a large number of clean and minimalistic designs like metal and glass lines. Perhaps you’ve assembled eclectic and brightly-colored elements. Reading some renovation books or magazines can give you adjectives to describe your style:
  • Traditional
    • Modern
    • Minimalist
    • Farmhouse
    • Eclectic
    • Rustic
    • Bohemian
    • Scandinavian
    • Antique
    • Midcentury
  1. Pinpoint It. Once you have a large file of housing elements you love, you can begin to nail down your style. It’s not just the pretty house you love—what is it you love about it? Determine specific elements that you need, such as a rambler-style home or a grand entryway. Consider the needs to be met in your dream home, like the number of bedrooms, yard space, and storage.
  2. Create a Budget. It may seem early to create a budget, but it can help direct your vision and keep things within scope. Your dream house is one you can actually live in, not a fantasy, so get specific about how much you could spend on it.
  1. Write up a Plan. When you feel like you’ve narrowed down your vision, it’s time to actually put it on paper. Sketch out a rough floor plan and plot of the land, and create a list of your non-negotiable features (chef’s kitchen, his & hers closets, etc.). This will create a useful framework for an architect or designer.
  1. Partner with Pros. It’s time to sit down with architects and designers to create something real. Experts will be able to bring your sketches to life using 3D software and sample blueprints. Once you create detailed plans, it’s just a matter of finding a lot and handing them off to building professionals.

Design for You

Your dream home is well within reach. Only you know what you love and need, so why not curate your home? New Concepts Glass Design can help. From showers, handrails, and custom glass projects, we help Salt Lake City dreamers create the home they’ve always wanted. Get a free estimate for your custom home today.