Hard Water Stains: Their Causes and How to Avoid Them

Hard Water Stains: Their Causes and How to Avoid Them

There are likely many surfaces in your Utah home that are covered in hard water stains, which are unsightly and can make guests uncomfortable.

Keeping these spots off glass, windows, faucets, and other surfaces can feel like a full-time job! Hard water contains a higher amount of minerals like magnesium and calcium. These minerals are left behind as the water evaporates, leaving an unsightly mark. Thankfully, removing these pesky stains is relatively easy, and there are things you can to prevent them from even occurring.

Learn more about three common ways hard water stains make their way to the surfaces in your Murray home and how you can avoid them.

COMMON CAUSE #1 — Water Spills, Splashes, and Spots Left to Dry

When hard water dries on surfaces, especially glass surfaces like windows, doors, and dishes, spots will most definitely leave marks. As previously mentioned, as hard water evaporates (versus getting wiped clean and dry), the minerals in the water are left behind, creating a hard water stain.

Thankfully, avoiding this is very easy! Simply wipe water spills and splashes dry before they can dry by themselves. For spills, use a soft, clean towel to mop up the mess. As for your shower door, always use a squeegee to remove excess water, which will help you avoid hard water stains.

COMMON CAUSE #2 — Overspray from Sprinklers

Many homeowners find hard water spots on their home’s exterior. Unfortunately, doors, railings, windows, and siding are not immune! Stains in these areas are often caused by sprinkler overspray, which is unfortunate since the same sprinklers are what keep your lawn looking lush. Hard water stains appear much faster because the water spots are exposed to the sunshine and breeze.

This problem is relatively easy to prevent, too. By adjusting your sprinkler head, so they only spray where you want them to spray, you can avoid spraying your house. Hopefully, the extra water helps your yard look even better!

COMMON CAUSE #3 — Leaking or Damaged Gutters

Gutters that are leaking or have become damaged can be a major source of hard water stains (hopefully, that is the extent of your leaky gutters!). The snow, water, and other wet elements that find their way into your gutter system can mix with chemicals minerals found in and on your roof, make their way through your gutters until they find a crack or small leak and streak down your siding, windows, and doors and leave hard water spots as they dry.

Avoid this problem by conduction regular gutter system inspections each year and make repairs and replacements whenever needed.

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You can avoid hard water stains on the surfaces, especially glass, in your home by making a few small adjustments.

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