Glass Handrails: Everything You Need To Know

Glass Handrails: Everything You Need to Know

Do you want to add glass handrails to your home or business but aren’t sure where to start? Today we’re filling you in on everything you need to know.

If you are going for a modern aesthetic or a contemporary vibe, glass railings are a great way to achieve this look. Installing glass railings throughout your space is a great way to add striking visual impact, add the feeling of a larger space and overall openness, and allow light to flow.

This stunning addition is luxurious and can add value to your home, and when professionally designed and installed correctly, it is functional and safe. But before you pull the design trigger on adding glass railings to your property, it is important to thoroughly understand and consider various aspects of installing them.

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5 Things You Need to Know About Glass Handrails

Here’s what you need to know:

  • There Are Different Kinds of Glass Handrail Systems

Did you know that there are several ways to install glass railings? Before selecting one, it’s wise to think about how each of these styles could fit into the overall design and aesthetic of your property. Here are a few different systems:

Standoff Glass Railings — Standoff railings feature stainless steel cylinders, also called standoffs, that are secured to the glass panels. The glass has pre-drilled holes and is leveled in place. 

The standoffs are what secure the panels to the vertical face of the floor or stairs. Property owners can opt for a frameless look or a standoff railing system that has more visual hardware. This decision regarding the fastening method needs to be made during the framing stage since sufficient backing needs to support the glass.

Clamped Glass Handrail Systems — The glass in a clamped glass railing system is secured with metal clips mounted to posts or the railing or shoe. This system allows property owners to choose wooden frames and posts or those made from steel. 

Dadoed Glass Handrails — Dadoed glass railing systems feature a glass panel secured within a top railing and bottom shoe. In other words, the glass is built into a wooden frame. This style of railing is the cleanest in terms of visual appeal since there is no need for hardware or clips.

  • Make Sure to Understand and Follow Local Building and Safety Codes Thoroughly

Before making any decisions or putting any money down, it is crucial to completely understand and follow the building and safety code requirements in your area surrounding the type of safety glass (laminated, tempered, etc.) required or allowed.

Finding the right glass for your glass handrails is essential. Tempered glass is a heat-treated glass that changes the break pattern and increases surface strength. If tempered glass breaks (which is really hard to do), it will shatter into tiny cubes — rather than shards — for obvious safety reasons.

Laminated glass is a type of safety glass that is fabricated from two or more panes of glass fused together by a layer of plastic. These layers provide the glass with additional strength and safety. If the laminated glass does break, which is not easily done, one pane will shatter while the other remains intact.

  • Glass Handrails Require Regular Care and Maintenance 

Overall, glass railings do not require as much long-term care or maintenance as those made from wood. However, that said, it is important to note that most property owners’ day-to-day maintenance lifestyle changes. It is safe to say that most people would agree that a glass railing looks drastically better when it’s sparkly clean than when it’s dirty. 

Thankfully, getting your glass railing system looking great and crystal clear won’t require too much extra work. Use a clean, soft cloth, a store-bought or homemade cleaning solution, and a little bit of elbow grease. Avoid using abrasive products or scrubbers.

  • Consider Your Budget and the Project Cost 

Glass railings give your space a high-end look and feel. With that, it is important to understand that glass handrail systems are typically a larger investment than other types of railings. Keep in mind that there are more cost-effective options within the world of glass railings, such as dodged glass railings.

Styles that require stainless steel and other types of hardware are typically more expensive. Remember, you get what you pay for, so make sure to take note of the hardware’s quality when making your selections.

  • Not All Glass Companies and Installers Provide the Same Quality of Work

It is no secret that glass railings are an exciting investment and beautiful addition to your home or business. However, before you sign any contracts, make sure to do your homework about who you hire — not all glass companies and installers are created equally.

Not only does an improperly manufactured and installed railing look bad, but it is also a huge safety hazard and liability risk. Taking the time to find a trusted, experienced, and insured glass company that provides quality work and has a proven track record might be the most important thing you do when making choices surrounding your glass railing system.

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