Glass Doors Vs. Shower Curtain For Your Bathroom


When it comes to your shower, you have two choices in terms of keeping water in: glass doors or a shower curtain.

Deciding between these two options can be challenging because each choice comes with its own set of pros and cons. Glass shower doors are certainly an investment that, over time, are cost-effective, chic, and easy to keep clean. In contrast, shower curtains are inexpensive and can be swapped out at any time to mix it up or to match your current decor and aesthetic.

Today, we’re looking into which is better for houses throughout Salt Lake City: glass doors or shower curtains. Continue reading below to find out.

Which is Better: Glass Doors vs. Shower Curtain

It goes without saying, glass shower doors are a lot more elegant and clean looking than curtains. Glass doors surrounding your shower give your bathroom an instant facelift and immediately turn the bathroom in your house into a spa-like experience. Here are five reasons why glass doors are better than shower curtains:

  1. They Give an Open Feel and Look — If space is tight in your bathroom or you just want a more open feel, a clear, frameless glass shower door can help you achieve a more spacious appearance. Shower curtains, even clear curtains, obstruct your view and chop up space, making it feel smaller and tighter than it actually is. A European shower door won’t make your bathroom feel as separated.
  2. Glass Shower Doors Are Cleaner — According to Healthline, shower curtains are the dirtiest surface in your bathroom, and that’s including your toilet! Even with regular cleanings, thanks to the hot and humid environment in your bathroom, bacteria grows at a rapid rate on your shower curtain. Shower doors, however, do not accumulate nearly as much bacteria as a curtain—and if bacteria and mold make an appearance, killing mold on glass and tile is easier than on fabric.
  3. Glass Doors Showcase Your Shower’s Interiors — If your shower features beautiful tile work or elegant fixtures, you probably don’t want to hide it behind a dingy shower curtain. A glass shower door will allow you to showcase your shower’s interior from the moment you want into your bathroom.
  4. Glass Shower Doors Keep Water In — Shower curtains aren’t the best at keeping water in your shower. If you’ve ever used a shower curtain, you know all too well the puddles of water that can find themselves outside of your tub. Not only are these pools of water annoying, but they also pose a slipping hazard and can cause water damage over time. On the other hand, shower doors do not let water out because they are attached and sealed to your bathroom walls.
  5. They Last Longer — With how nasty shower curtains can become, you’ll likely be replacing them often, which can become expensive over time. A well-maintained glass shower door can last decades! Not to mention, these doors are much more eco-friendly than curtains.

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As you can see, glass doors are far more superior to shower curtains.

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