Glass Cabinet Doors: Where You Should Put Them in Your Home

Glass Cabinet Doors Where You Should Put Them in Your Home

Adding glass cabinet doors is a quick and inexpensive way to update the cupboards in your home. What’s not to love?

Many people opt to get rid of the clunky, solid cabinet doors that typically come standard with their kitchen, bathrooms, and other setups and swap them out for a more interesting, modern take: glass cabinet doors. Adding these cabinet doors throughout your house can help your home feel brighter, bigger, and more open. But where should you incorporate them?

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Add Glass Cabinet Doors to Your Kitchen

Many Utah homeowners choose to add glass doors throughout their kitchens. There are several ways you can do this:


Stacked Cabinets — If your ceilings allow for stacked upper cabinets, consider adding glass to only the higher ones. Doing this immediately changes the look of your kitchen, making it feel almost like a custom kitchen. You can showcase your favorite china, dinnerware, or unique pieces in the cabinets and, by adding lights, you can make your kitchen pop!

Feature Cabinets — If you have a set or two of cabinets set apart from the rest or want to add a feature cabinet among the rest, you can change them out for glass ones. Adding frosted, textured, or clear glass will perfectly display your beloved dishes.

All Uppers — Add variety in your kitchen by making all your upper cabinets glass and leaving your lower cupboards solid.

Pantry — If you have a pantry in your kitchen, consider replacing your standard doors with one made of glass. Solid doors don’t have nearly as much personality and pizzazz as glass doors and can also make your space feel more customized.


Add See-Through Cabinet Doors to Your Armoire

If you have a display case, armoire, or bookshelf in your Salt Lake City or West Valley house with cabinet doors, swap them out or convert the current doors for glass cabinet ones. With glass doors, you can feature your beautiful books, decor items, and photos. 


Add Clear Cabinet Doors to Your Bathroom

Some bathrooms can feel dark, cramped, and dated, but by adding transparent cabinet doors to your vanity and storage cupboards, you can immediately change their look, feel, and function. Additionally, a glass door for your water closet door can instantly elevate your space.


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