Get Inspired With These 11 Unique Shower Door Ideas

Get Inspired With These 11 Unique Shower Door Ideas

Incorporate any of these unique shower door ideas into your bathroom for an elevated experience.

One of the best parts of any getaway living accommodations is the luxurious, spa-like bathroom. The good news is, you don’t have to get away or even leave your house to enjoy this luxe experience. If you’re looking to renovate your current bathroom, or perhaps you are building the home of your dreams, now is the time to put in the bathroom you’ve always wanted.

If you have given it any thought, you already know how exciting building your dream bathroom can be. Between the tile, bathtub options, fixtures, and more, there’s a lot to dream up! One of the most thrilling parts of designing any bathroom is finding the right shower door for your space. 

But, when you have seemingly endless options, this process can feel a bit overwhelming. This is why our team has put together a handful of our favorite shower door ideas to get your design wheels spinning and inspiration flowing.

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11 Unique Shower Door Ideas You Should Consider

You spend a lot of time in your bathroom, it might as well look good and be true to your unique personal style. If you want to make your bathroom beautiful, clean, and unique, consider these shower door glass ideas for your space:

Bathroom glass shower door and plants

  1. The Grid Shower Door — Those who want a more contemporary shower door while moving away from the minimalist trend will not need to look any further than the grid-style shower door. This clean, modern approach embraces the metal look, making it the show-stopping feature of the door by letting it define the space.
    Grid shower doors can feature as many (or as few) glass panels and horizontal and vertical lines as you would like. Traditional grids typically come in matte black smooth metal; however, custom colors and textures are usually available. The grid shower door has proven to be a modern classic while still being unique and special.
  2. The Anything-But-Clear Glass Door — Clear glass shower doors have a lot of perks; however, privacy is not one of them. If your home has a shared bathroom, or maybe you simply want some privacy for the person showering, shower door glass that is anything but clear is a great option for these bathrooms. Textured, frosted, or patterned shower door glass will give the bather privacy along with other benefits.
    Frosted glass doors are transparent, allowing natural light to access the enclosure still while heavily blurring sight lines. Frosting can be applied to the entire surface or in patterns to really let your unique style come to life. Etched or textured designs, like rain glass, fluted, or reeded, are also transparent and distort sight lines, offering the bather some privacy.
    Another great thing about textured, etched, or frosted glass is that it can be added to any style of shower door you have. If you love the frameless look, you can swap out the clear glass for fluted (or any other option you prefer). If you want a double-bypass sliding door, you can still have it!
    For the best of both worlds and a unique look, combine the grid door style with clear and textured glass. Install clear glass in the top and bottom rows of panels and install textured or frosted glass in the middle rows. This allows privacy in areas where you would want privacy and clear sight lines where you want them.
    And, lastly, as if the list of perks weren’t long enough, another exciting advantage to anything-but-clear glass is that these glass panels hide water spots and smudges so well!
  3. The Bi-Fold Shower Door — Does your bathroom only allow space for a small shower? Or maybe the shower opening is narrow. Either way, a great option for tighter spaces that is beautiful, functional, and unique is the bi-fold door. The bi-fold shower door typically operates on tracks and has hinges in the middle that fold inward, allowing for a wider walk-in opening.
    This option is a great alternative to shower curtains or a space-taking pivot or hinged door. Keep in mind that bi-fold doors may require custom cuts and special hardware, but it is totally worth it because of its hybrid aesthetic and functionality.
  4. The Valve-Access Shower Door — Unless you are into cold showers (which, if you are, major kudos to you!), there might not be anything worse than when you have to get in your shower to turn on the faucet, and you get sprayed with freezing cold water.
    Wouldn’t it be great if you could avoid this issue altogether?! Well, you can! With a special cutout in your shower door placed just right, you can reach in your arm, access your valves from outside the shower, and avoid getting sprayed completely! This unique but totally functional feature will be something you look forward to using every time you shower.
    Bathroom with glass shower door and bathtub
  5. The European Shower Door — Yes, we know we said “unique.” However, sometimes going with the classic and tried-and-true option is necessary. These timeless shower doors are a great option in terms of design and return on your investment.
    While there may not be much “unique” about a Euro glass shower door, there are ways to make it your own. Between door hardware (the handle and hinges), glass type (as mentioned above), and more, you can make your shower as unique as you want! You can even make the space unique with statement tiles. A European shower door can be minimal enough to let that special tile work shine.
    Moreover, it is worth mentioning that a European shower door is on a lot of homebuyers’ wish lists. So, if you ever decide to sell your property, most sellers get their money back (and some!) when they go with a Euro shower door. The shower door may not be incredibly unique, but a good investment is!
  6. The Pivot Shower Door — If you like the look of the European or framed shower door but want to take it to the next level, consider the pivot shower door. You get the simple, clean, and modern look of the Euro door, but the unique way the door opens takes it to the next level. The pivoting shower door offers your space a minimal and classic look, while adding interest and style at the same time. These doors can pivot both in and out, making them a great option for many different types and shapes of spaces.
  7. The No-Door Shower Door — Whether you are tight on space or are going for a simplistic, modern approach in your bathroom, the no-door shower is a great option. This look is also known as a walk-in shower. Unlike the traditional shower with a door, this type of space doesn’t require a shower curtain or glass door.
    Some no-door showers feature one or more fixed glass panels to help manage water splashes, while others have a walled-in “corridor,” sometimes made from glass, others made from tiled walls that lead them to the shower. The no-door option may be trendy to some, but it seems as though this option is becoming a classic staple and is here to stay.
    If you opt for this route, just make sure your contractors know what they are doing. No doors mean a risk of flooding which can result in serious issues like water damage. An experienced and trusted contractor will know how to slope appropriately and adequately and know where to place the shower head in relation to the openings.
  8. The Neo-Angle Shower Door — Of course, a spacious, spa-like bathroom suite featuring hundreds of square feet is the dream for most people. The harsh reality is that it isn’t very practical nor possible for most properties. For bathrooms that are small where every square inch matters and makes a difference, it’s important that your shower door glass enclosure meets your needs.
    When space is tight, or you have a uniquely-shaped bathroom, unique shower door glass ideas are essential. Enter the neo-angle door. The neo-angle shower door is perfect for creating additional functional space since the enclosure’s protrusions are removed, allowing more space in the rest of your bathroom.
  9. The Semi-Frameless Shower Door — The shower style you want can sometimes be out of reach for various reasons. If you love the look of a Euro-door but want a more affordable option, the semi-frameless shower door is perfect for you.
    The semi-frameless door has the contemporary look of the European door you know and love around the door panel and features a sleek metal framing around the entire frame. This option is unique, functional, and perfect for the budget-conscious renovation.
  10. The Tub Door — If your bathroom doesn’t have a shower, just a built-in bathtub, shower doors may not be necessary. However, if the bathers in your life are splashers or you want a unique feature for your bathroom, the tub door is perfect.
    Sure, a shower curtain will tackle the splashing issue at hand; however, there is nothing special about a shower curtain at all! In fact, shower curtains have so much bacteria on them that studies have found them to be the dirtiest surface in the bathroom. Yes, you read that right, dirtier than the toilet seat!
    Now that you have ditched the shower curtain, the tub door or tub glass panels are frameless glass panels that are tied to the edge of the tub and to the wall. These doors create a sometimes necessary barrier to protect the rest of the bathroom from splashes while making for a unique and beautiful bathroom space.
    Bathroom shower door and vanity mirror
  11. The Bypass Shower Door — The bypass shower door is a popular option among homeowners that want to keep space in mind as they make selections during their bathroom renovation. Bypass shower doors, also called sliding shower doors, are similar to your standard porch or patio sliding door.

Some bypass doors have a freely sliding glass panel that slides back and forth on a track while the other panel is a stationary panel. Others have two panels that slide, making getting in and out where you would like a breeze. The tracks can feature panels with manual rollers or that glide easily without wheels. The bypass shower door works perfectly for showers and shower-tub combos.

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