Everything You Need To Know About Bypass Shower Doors

Everything You Need to Know About Bypass Shower Doors

There are several options available for shower enclosures, and a common choice among homeowners is bypass shower doors.

Shower doors are a crucial component of your bathroom. There are six main types of glass shower doors: frameless (also known as European), corner, round, trackless, pivot, and bypass. Each of these options offers a different style and function to your shower, and it’s up to you to decide which of them works best for you and your bathroom — but don’t fret; we’ll help you along the way. Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at the bypass door and its advantages.

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What Are Bypass Shower Doors?

Bypass shower doors also called sliding glass doors, work in a similar fashion to patio or deck sliding doors. Bypass shower doors may have a panel of glass that is stationary or set in place and another panel on a track that slides back and forth. Or both doors may slide. The track might use manual rollers or glide without wheels.

The Advantages of Bypass Shower Doors

There are many benefits of installing a bypass shower door system in your bathroom. Here are some reasons why we love them:

  • Save Space — If your bathroom is limited in space, you may want to opt for bypass shower doors. Sliding shower doors are not limited by the space around the shower or tub since they do not have a hinged door.
  • Easy to Use — Bypass shower doors are easy to use and allow you to access faucets within the shower easily. Moreover, whether these doors are installed on a tub or shower, bypass doors simplify getting in and out, especially for older adults or people with special needs.
  • Instant Update to the Space — Sometimes, a full bathroom renovation isn’t realistic, especially when you consider the time and cost of such projects. But by making a few small changes to your bathroom, you make a big difference in terms of modernization and updating! For example, you can change outdated hardware and fixtures and swap your shower curtain for a sleek and modern bypass door. 
  • Kid-Friendly — After time, kids will begin taking showers and bathing on their own. This is an exciting milestone for everyone, but children aren’t always careful to keep water inside the tub or shower. But bypass shower doors make keeping water in a breeze, making it a much better choice than hinged doors or, even worse, a shower curtain!

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