Custom Glass Table Tops Add the Illusion of Space to Your Place

Custom glass table tops can make any room or outside living space feel larger and more open.

Glass tops are extremely versatile and can complement any style of home décor. Whether your decorating tastes favor a clean, contemporary style or lean toward a more traditional, vintage look, this is a unique way to add a sense of spaciousness.

In fact, incorporating glass custom tables throughout your home can enhance both the look and feel of all your living spaces.

Designing Your Perfect Custom Glass Dining Room Table

Many homeowners enjoy the dramatic effect of a glass dining room table, as it makes any room feel special. And, for smaller spaces or homes with open floor plans, choosing a glass table top tricks the eye into thinking the space is larger than it is.

You can choose from a wide variety of design choices for customizing your glass table top. You will be able to specify size and shape, of course. But did you know that the glass itself can also be customized to your specifications?

In fact, thickness, color, finish and polish are all up to you. We even offer exclusive etched and painted glass options.

Enhance Your Living Spaces with Glass Table Tops

Custom glass tables aren’t just for the dining room. Why not consider adding one to your living room, den or home office? As with dining room tables, these tops can also be customized to your detailed specification.

You can further customize your selection based on your choice of table base material. Simple wood or metal bases can enhance a feeling of spaciousness. However, almost any material can be used, as long as it’s stable and capable of supporting your custom table top.

Architectural columns, tree stumps and raw stone are just a few examples of interesting table bases you can consider.

Custom Glass Table Options for Patios and Decks

If you would like to enhance your wood deck, outdoor living space or magnificent landscape? A custom table top will help ensure you don’t spoil this beauty with the wrong furniture.

Custom glass is the ideal choice to highlight the beauty of any outdoor space. Your table will be sturdy and functional, and able to withstand all of Mother Nature’s rigors. They will boost the “wow factor” of your deck or patio while allowing the natural features to shine through.

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