Benefits of Having Glass Walls and Doors in an Office

Benefits of Having Glass Walls and Doors in an Office

Did you know that there are many benefits that come with having glass walls and doors inside your office space?

It is no secret that the business world is ever-changing in countless ways. One of those ways is how the office looks and functions. Offices and work spaces have undergone major renovations and dramatic modernizations. Offices of the past looked like a sea of never-ending cubicles where employees were isolated from each other and were required and expected to sit for hours on end. Surrounding the masses of cubicles were offices with solid walls that did not invite collaboration or a symbiotic workplace.

Today’s offices look and feel a lot different than that. The modern workplace often features spaces with interior glass walls, doors, and partitions. These spaces cultivate a feeling that is just the opposite of older offices. Moving away from isolation and giving employees a chance to interact and work together and enjoy the benefits of flowing natural light seems to be the trend these days.

More and more employers have leaned into glass walls and doors in their office space, and for a good reason! There are many benefits that come with this style of office, such as an updated look and feel, employee efficiency and productivity, and more! If you have an office that is in need of a major facelift or renovation, there are five benefits that come with having a modern, glass-filled office space.

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6 Benefits of Glass Walls and Doors in an Office

Above, we mentioned a few benefits of having glass doors in office spaces, and today, we are diving into those reasons and more! Here’s why glass walls and doors in your office are a good idea:

  1. Interior Glass Doors, Windows, and Walls Provide Natural Light to Flow — If you want to bring a more modern look and open feel to your office, letting in more natural light is key. Glass office dividers and walls make a significant difference in terms of brightness. Interior glass doors and walls also could result in lowered energy bills. Because of the glass walls and doors in your office space, your employees are less likely to need to turn on the lights thanks to the natural light pouring into the space. Moreover, the area might feel warmer thanks to the sunlight.
  2. Save Space With Sliding Glass Doors and Walls — If you want to save space in your office, you may want to consider glass walls and sliding doors. Standard doors and traditional walls take up a surprising amount of space, whereas their glass counterparts do not.
    If you are seeking a solution for your smaller office, glass is a good way to go. Not only does glass take up less space than traditional options, but the glass allows natural light to reach every corner of your office space. Use natural light to your advantage with optical illusions — natural light helps spaces appear larger than they actually are!
  3. Significant Improvements in Work Quality — Did you know that exposure to natural light can also help increase the efficiency of your employees? Not only that, but glass walls, partitions, and doors can help keep employees on task, accomplishing the things they need to and slacking less.
  4. Happier, Healthier Employees — Do you want to improve your employee’s quality of life and overall health? The answer: glass walls, doors, and partitions. Study after study, including one recently conducted at Cornell, shows that employees with daily natural light exposure are more likely to stay healthy, resulting in being able to work their full schedule and take fewer sick days.
    There is a massive connection between vitamin D and health, and daily exposure to natural light means more vitamin D. Vitamin D helps right depression, chronic pain, diabetes, and many other health issues. Glass walls and doors allow even the middle-of-the-office-most employees to enjoy natural light.
  5. Improved Resale Value — Glass partitions, walls, and doors can add a lot of resale value to your workplace. Office spaces with these designs are a lot easier to change, making customizations a lot more doable. This fact is highly attractive to various types of potential buyers.
    In a lot of cases, glass doors in office spaces and workplaces with open floor plans are what businesses are looking to lease or purchase nowadays. A professional yet modern appearance is highly important to business owners, especially younger ones that are continually popping up all over the country.
  6. Emphasis on Collaboration and Mobility — More and more, we are seeing employers moving away from individualism in the workplace. Instead, they are putting a huge focus on collaboration and teamwork among employees. Glass doors in office spaces and walls allow more daily face-to-face interactions and help cultivate a sense of togetherness and camaraderie that cannot be reproduced using traditional cubicles.
    Along with the sense of collaboration, glass walls, and doors enable employees to make meaningful connections, resulting in fewer workplace conflicts, ultimately increasing productivity. Glass walls, doors, and partitions in the office help everyone feel like they are under the same roof, working together.

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