Benefits of a Glass Tabletop

Now that spring has come along, you may be looking at your whole home in a new light. When was the last time you took a good hard look at your home’s décor? For many homeowners, we decorate our homes when we move in and rarely reassess though styles and family need change. If we do work on our décor it’s often little adjustments like pillows or tchotchkes on side tables. But it’s the staples of our home that do the most work and get ignored for decades.

We’re talking about your tables. Tables are a vital piece of furniture in our homes, and we need more than one to support the flow and use of space. A dining room table is central to your family, while coffee and side tables make your living room a comfortable and welcoming place to be. Console or entry tables set the tone for your whole house, and even your entertainment center functions as a table to showcase your TV, art, and entertainment options.

Benefits of a Glass Tabletop

At New Concepts Glass Design, we take pride in our quality glass work and its ability to transform your space. That’s why we always encourage homeowners to consider using glass for their table needs, especially if their home’s energy has become boring and stale. How old is your dining table? What about your coffee table? Maybe it’s time to consider the benefits of a glass table to revitalize your living space.

Space – the biggest reason to choose glass for your tables is for spatial reasons. Because glass is transparent, it gives the illusion of much more space. Glass counters can help a small space seem bigger, and give a weightless presence. Wood or metal are the most common materials for dining and coffee tables, but they often overwhelm a small space with weight and color. Glass countertops on your dining table or coffee table help your space feel large and light.

Cleanliness – Unlike wood or other surfaces, you can rest assured that you can completely sterilize and easily keep clean. Glass doesn’t absorb or accumulate germs or liquids, and spills are so easy to quickly clean. Some homeowners worry about glass showing messes and fingerprints, but glass countertops make it easier to identify and quickly clean messes with just a swipe of a rag. If you’ve got kids, don’t worry about the glass being fragile – New Concepts Glass Design creates glass countertops that thick, durable, and stand up to even the messiest kids.

Versatility – A glass countertop helps you to make your space anything you want it to be. Glass is colorless and without strong style definition, which means it can easily work with any color scheme, décor style, or personal taste. You can make it modern, contemporary, midcentury, boho, or eclectic with the way you choose chairs, trays, lamps, and more.

New Concepts Glass Design can create beautiful glass New Concepts Glass Design can create beautiful glass countertops to refresh your space – just give us a call.