Bathroom Design Using Doorless Custom Glass Showers

Doorless custom glass showers provide a uniquely modern and sophisticated look to both master and secondary baths. Also known as Roman or walk-in showers, these designs make you feel like you’re visiting the spa rather than an ordinary household bathroom.

However, if you’ve never had a doorless glass shower before, it’s important to plan your project carefully. These bathroom design strategies are a little different than those that use a shower curtain or door.

Locating Doorless Custom Glass Showers

In a perfect world, every glass walk-in shower would have a six-foot buffer zone to protect against splashing the rest of the bathroom. However, not many of us have that much available space.

Placing a doorless design in a corner location that faces away from the other bathroom fixtures can help keep the water contained. Corner showers also offer more privacy than many other design layouts.

If corner placement doesn’t’ work, consider adding a half-wall to set the shower apart. This helps keep splashing to a minimum.

Spray and Drainage Tips for Doorless Glass Showers

If you have a large buffer zone around your walk-in shower, you can install any type of showerhead you prefer – and splash to your heart’s content. If you don’t have that buffer, it’s important to choose a showerhead that doesn’t spray or point outward. This will help contain the water and stop it from splashing.

Rain-style showerheads (those that spray straight down from overhead) work well with custom glass and doorless showers. A handheld model will also allow you to control the direction and flow of the water. If you prefer a conventional showerhead, install it so that it faces the opposite wall rather than the shower opening.

Proper drainage is also imperative for walk-in glass showers because it helps to prevent standing water and slick, slippery floors. For quicker, more effective draining of a large space, consider adding a second floor drain.

Combatting Drafty Doorless Custom Glass Showers

Compared to traditional layouts using glass doors or curtains, doorless models can be drafty – particularly during colder weather. However, you can take steps to keep the space warm and comfortable.

Radiant heat bathroom flooring is one option, and it works with vinyl, laminate or tile floors. You can also install overhead heat lamps to offset the shivers.

You can also mount heated towel racks in the bathroom. Having a warm, toasty towel and robe at the ready can make all the difference in battling the after-shower chills.

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