Add Glass Handrails to Rejuvenate Your Business Interior

Glass handrails are one of the most dynamic and aesthetically pleasing ways to give your office or showroom a cost-conscious makeover.

Not only do custom glass handrails and walls open up the space, but they work equally well with any type or style of décor. Modern and sleek, glass rails provide a quick and affordable upgrade for any commercial space.

Using Glass Handrails for Stairs and Walkways

Not only does a glass handrail system provide a beautiful framework for stairs, mezzanines and walkways, but it also provides an exceptional level of safety.

Traditionally, stairwells have been framed in with solid walls – either full- or half-height, to which safety railings were affixed. Imagine opening those walls up, and effectively making them disappear, with the beauty of safe, strong, break-free glass.

You may choose the classic style of straight railings or, if you prefer a more upscale or artistic approach, New Concepts Glass Design can design and create custom curved railing panels.

Defining Spaces with Glass Handrails

Custom wall and handrail systems are also the perfect way to define interior spaces.

Open office designs are in high-demand these days. This approach to interior architecture creates a pleasant and less oppressive environment than the traditional rabbit warren of offices, with no light or air circulation.

Despite the improved working environment an open office space provides, walls serve a number of important purposes. They provide privacy for sensitive discussions and meetings, filter out distractions and define space.

Glass walls and handrail systems can achieve all of these goals without closing off the view and flow of light. This creates the ideal balance of function and form.

Choosing a Commercial Glass Handrail Contractor

Naturally, a licensed contractor with experience in the design and installation of commercial handrail and wall systems is the logical choice for your project.

It is also important, however, to balance these legal and quality assurances with responsive customer service. Choosing a licensed and insured regional or local firm is a great way to ensure the quality of the work while enjoying the individual attention and boutique customer service a local contractor can provide.

Local contractors are also familiar with the area’s building codes, permitting requirements and materials availability, which can save your project both time and money.

Of course, not every commercial contractor has an award-winning glass designer at the helm. But New Concepts Glass Design of Salt Lake City, Utah, does. In fact, we are the premier locally owned and operated glass contractor in Northern Utah.

We have built our reputation on exceptional quality, exquisite design and a personalized, boutique level of customer service. Contact us today for a custom architectural glass estimate for your project. We look forward to showing you the impact you can make at your business with custom glass handrails.