8 Types of Glass Shower Doors to Consider for Your Home

8 Types of Glass Shower Doors to Consider for Your Home

Adding glass shower doors to your bathroom is a great way to update and modernize your shower or tub area.

Whether you are building a new home and selecting finishes for the bathrooms or renovating your current property and updating the bathrooms you already have, choosing glass shower doors to be installed can transform the space. However, with the many choices out there, making a selection can seem daunting.

Selecting the right glass shower door for your bathroom comes down to space, functionality, and your own personal style and preference. While this can all feel overwhelming, we’re here to help you make the best decision for your space by filling you in on some of the most popular types of glass shower doors.

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8 Popular Types of Glass Shower Doors to Consider for Your Bathroom

Are you trying to find the right type of shower door for your bathroom? Here are eight of the most popular options among homeowners:

Note that these styles can come in clear, frosted, or textured glass to meet your needs and wants and match the aesthetic of your bathroom.

1. Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless glass shower doors, also called European shower doors, offer a high-end, contemporary look. This type of door is made of strong tempered glass and does not require the support of a metal frame around its perimeter. As a result, property owners can enjoy a modern, sleek look free of visual obstructions and distractions.

The European door is popular because this style allows intricate tile designs, beautiful stonework, and eye-catching hardware to be the center of attention and be showcased. Frameless shower doors are easy to keep clean since they do not have seals that develop water, soap, and scum buildup over time.

Frameless shower doors do have some metal, like hinges, handles, and clips for stationary panels. Some options include glass doors with frames along the top edge and sides, though these are typically called “semi-frameless.”

A frameless shower often costs twice as much as a standard metal-enclosed option. However, homeowners can find a reputable glass company to work with at an affordable rate. Additionally, it’s important that trusted and experienced professionals install frameless showers since they can leak if they are not properly installed.

2. Semi-Frameless Glass Shower Doors

A semi-frameless glass door option is perfect if you still want that contemporary look in your bathroom but want something a bit more affordable. A semi-frameless door has metal framing around the exterior edge of the frame but not around the door panel itself.

A semi-frameless shower door gives the space a sleek and streamlined look thanks to its high-quality components, such as solid handles and permanently bonded hinges. This type of shower door gives you a semi-unobstructed appearance and is much more affordable than other options.

3. Framed Shower Doors

Framed glass shower doors offer homeowners an easy, affordable installation. This type of shower door is installed in a sturdy, heavy-duty metal frame, adding plenty of strength and support to the entire system. While framed odors aren’t as eye-catching as their frame counterparts, they are much less likely to leak, thanks to their sealed construction.

The frame of these doors is often a beautiful focal point that makes a striking statement while being functional (i.e., fewer leaks!). Framed models are less expensive than frameless and semi-frameless options because they are easier to install, and the glass in these doors is typically thinner.

4. Glass Tub Enclosures

We may be partial to a glass shower door, but the idea of using a shower curtain seems pretty nasty. Did you know your shower curtain has more germs than your toilet seat?! Despite their germy nature, they do serve a function. If you want a less germ-filled way to keep water in your tub while updating its appearance, look no further than a glass tub enclosure.

A bathtub is essential for many families, and swapping it out for a shower isn’t a practical choice for many. A glass tub enclosure is mounted to the outer rim of the bathtub and gives the space a sleeker, cleaner (literally) appearance. Homeowners can add this shower door option to their existing bathtubs for a quick and easy upgrade.

5. Sliding Glass Shower Doors

Sliding glass shower doors, also called bypass doors, are a great way to save space in smaller bathrooms. Their slim and compact characteristics make them perfect for tight spaces, as they do not require additional room and do not open inwards or outwards.

Two glass panels slide on a built-in track parallel to one another and can be used in straight, angular, and curved showers, so it doesn’t matter which shape of shower you have.

However, it’s important for homeowners to note that the size of your shower needs to be wide enough for one glass door to slide over completely to the other side. So, depending on the size of your shower, the entrance can feel a bit tight.

Sliding glass shower doors can be categorized as framed or semi-frameless glass shower doors (to some, tracks are considered frames). Framed sliding doors typically cost less than semi-frameless options.

6. Pivoting Shower Doors

Pivoting glass shower doors, also called hinge or swinging doors, open like standard doors. This type of door can make a sophisticated statement in any bathroom, regardless of style or aesthetic.

Pivoting shower doors work well in smaller bathrooms with small shower entrances, as they do not require tons of space to open. Swinging doors also work and look great in larger bathrooms, allowing the door to be a focal point in the design.

If you want your door to swing out into the bathroom (rather than into the shower), have a professional measure your space. Before beginning installation, you will need enough clearance between the fully-opened shower door and any surrounding items, such as a toilet or other bath fixtures.

7. Bi-Folding Shower Doors

If you are working with limited, tight spaces, bi-folding glass shower doors may be the best option. Traditional shower doors, such as the pivoting door, can take up valuable space when you open them, whereas bi- or tri-folding doors will not. Not only are these types of doors extremely practical and functional, but they are also extremely stylish, modern, and interesting.

Folding glass shower doors are not always the least expensive style. This is because these doors have many moving parts, and the unit may be frameless. They also may require custom cuts to fit into your bathroom and could require special, unique hardware. It is unlikely that a bi-folding shower door will be as expensive as a fully frameless option because it requires a track to function.

8. Partial Tub and Shower Enclosures

Partial glass enclosures, also called half-wall shower or tub glass, only cover half of the tub or shower stall. The glass portion can be designed to pivot or remain stationary. It gives the bathroom an affordable contemporary, modern look, even when custom cuts are necessary.

While this style of shower door is extremely popular in many European countries, some property owners prefer other types of shower door styles to this one for a couple of reasons. Water can easily escape the shower stall, and the cooler air in the rest of the bathroom can easily get into the shower, making showering a bit uncomfortable.

As you can see, you have lots of options for your glass shower doors. It all comes down to what works best for you and your family with the budget you have.

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