7 Unique Ways to Use Glass in Your Home

Glass has traditionally been used for multiple purposes. The versatility of glass protects your home from nature’s elements, and it also allows light and heat to enter your home. Houses and corporate buildings take advantage of glass and use it as a staple material to make their spaces look luxurious and stylish. If you’re considering renovating your home, then you can’t go wrong with glass.

Glass doesn’t have to be reserved exclusively for your windows anymore. Here are a few ways in which you can incorporate glass into your home. 

1. Glass Table for Your Home’s Entryway

A classic glass table with a clean frame will compliment your home’s entryway. Your entryway is the first part of your home that guests see when they enter your home, so a glass table will impress your guests as soon as they walk in. Entryways are usually cluttered, particularly if you already have a shoe rack or coat rack sitting there. A glass table will add a balanced, elegant look to your entryway. 

2. Glass Dining Table

Wood and metal tables are outdated items of the past. A glass table will add a chic look to your dining room, Not only are glass tables aesthetically pleasing and match any atmosphere, but they also create the illusion of extra space. Kitchens that boast a glass table feel larger and less cluttered. 

3. Cantilevered Glass Extension

Another unique way of sprucing up your kitchen is by adding a glass extension to your kitchen’s island. How many people can you think of that have one of these in their kitchen? A glass extension attached to your island is far better than a solid one made of wood or steel because it is less intrusive. The best part is that a glass extension creates the illusion of your island’s extension floating over the ground. 

4. Adding Interesting Textures to Your Glass

Adding texture to your glass countertops makes them stand out. When texturizing your glass, you have the option to either go for standard textures or exotic textures. Standard glass textures are timeless and the ones people go for the most. The look of melting ice or a sandstorm can be achieved by using standard glass textures. Exotic textures mesh standard textures and colors together. 

5. Glass Railings 

Install glass railings to your home for unobstructed views of your patio’s surroundings. Glass railings provide you with a panoramic view, and they are especially beautiful if your backyard is facing mountains or lakes. 

6. Glass Walls for Your Shower

Taking showers is relaxing. Now imagine the look of glass walls surrounding your shower. Glass shower walls don’t have to be transparent, as you have the option of customizing their color. A stunning glass shower color to consider is aqua. Aqua will give you the feeling of being in front of a calming ocean. 

7. Glass Floors 

You’re probably familiar with glass ceilings, but you’re probably unfamiliar with its counterpart—glass floors. Glass floors are an excellent option for houses that have skylights because this will allow natural light to enter the lower levels of your home. 

Are you ready to add extravagance to your home? Call New Concepts Glass Design today if you’re looking to upgrade parts of your home, such as your shower door or your stairway’s hand railings.