5 Ways To Use Glass In Your Bathroom

5 Ways To Use Glass In Your Bathroom

At New Concepts Glass Design we believe in creating rooms that feel luxurious. We want your spaces to reflect who you are and to become a refuge that feels like home.

Even your bathroom! Often our bathrooms become a functional zone that is just supposed to serve us and stay clean, but can’t our bathrooms do more than that? A beautiful and functional bathroom is where you start and end your day, and we want it to set the perfect tone.

It doesn’t matter if your bathroom is a tiny, crammed sore spot, or a huge space you don’t know how to best use. New Concepts Glass Design can help you make the very most of your bathroom to maximize its great features and make it more functional for you.

Glass is the perfect material to take your bathroom to the next level, and we’ll give you a few ways to use glass in your bathroom to maximum effect.

1. Showers.

Your stand-in shower can ditch the dorm-style shower curtain in favor of chic and modern Euro-style glass shower doors for a huge upgrade. This upgrade is less expensive than most homeowners anticipate and can transform your entire bathroom. Glass shower doors make the entire room feel bigger and help you keep the design fresh.

2. Vanity Mirrors.

Of course, you have mirrors over your bathroom sinks, but are they the standard builder-grade mirrors? Instead, you should consult with New Concepts Glass Design to get mirrors that better fit your vanity space and reflect your design taste. Framed mirrors, shaped mirrors, and thousands of other options are at your fingertips.

3. Glass Cabinet Doors.

One of our favorite ways to open up a tiny bathroom is to utilize glass front cabinet doors. Glass makes a room appear larger, and can also showcase pretty décor and fluffy folded towels to make your bathroom feel like a boutique resort.

4. Mirrored Doors.

Many homeowners express a desire to make their space feel bigger or wish they had room for a full-length mirror to check their outfits and self-tanner. Utilizing a mirrored bedroom or closet door can get two birds with one stone. Your room will be lighter and bigger, and you’ll have the added functionality of a full-length mirror.

5. Frosted Glass.

Privacy is a key element in any bathroom, as we do many personal and private tasks there. Frosted glass can help you maximize light and space without compromising your privacy. Frosted windows, shower doors, or dividers can protect your privacy while letting in gorgeous filtered light to keep the space fresh.

Step into your bathroom and see if there are any areas that could benefit from an affordable upgrade to better quality glass. New Concepts Glass Design can make your bathroom feel brand new without expensive remodel or complicated DIY projects. Give us a call for a consultation and to see all the amazing glass products we have to offer you.