5 Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

Do you want to upgrade your bathroom to a more spa-like and luxurious experience? Try implementing a few of these awesome bathroom upgrades.

According to the Bathroom Habits Survey from MaP, the average person spends 30 minutes in the bathroom every day. That amounts to over 180 hours every year. Make the most of your time spent here by turning your bathroom into an enticing oasis, a place that is both functional and beautiful. 

But there’s no need to drop tens of thousands of dollars on a total bathroom renovation. By adding a couple of these bathroom upgrades to your space, you’ll enjoy a more luxurious sanctuary in no time.

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5 Ways to Instantly Upgrade Your Bathroom

Here are five beautiful and effective ways to upgrade your bathroom without tearing your bathroom down to the studs:

  1. European Shower Doors — European-style shower doors are an excellent, frameless option if you hope to achieve a modern yet surprisingly affordable bathroom upgrade. Euro-style shower doors and tub surrounds will give your bathroom a lighter and brighter look, visually expanding the space. 
  1. Install a New Mirror — If the bathrooms in your house haven’t been updated, chances are, they still feature a builder-grade mirror. Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with these mirrors; these simple and basic mirrors get the job done! But if you want to bring your bathroom into today’s styles and design, opt for a custom mirror made just for your space.
  2. A Fresh Coat of Paint — A fresh coat of paint on your walls can go a long way in updating a space. Don’t be afraid to refresh your vanity with a paint job, too. Choosing the best paint color can be challenging and comes down to personal style and taste. Opt for a universally-loved color that is relaxing and welcoming yet interesting and updated.
  1. Update Your Fixtures — The fixtures you put in your bathroom can be very telling of the last time the space was updated. Swap out your dingy faucets, original drawer pulls, hard-water-stained shower head, and underwhelming lights with new options. Choose timeless finish in classic styles to make the most of your mini-renovation.
  1. Framed Shower Enclosures — If the popular European shower doors are a bit too modern for you but you’re ready to get rid of your moldy shower curtain, framed shower enclosures are an elegant yet effective way to update your space. It’s an excellent way to optimize space in smaller areas while creating a beautiful centerpiece for any bathroom.

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