5 Ways Glass Can Enhance Your Bathroom

5 Ways Glass Accents Can Enhance Your Bathroom

With how much time we spend at home, it’s vital to love every space in your home, so why not enhance your bathroom with new and fresh glass accents?

Over their lifetime, the average human being spends over two years in the bathroom, which is a considerable amount of time. It should at least feel comfortable, relaxing, and fit the needs and aesthetic of whoever is using it regularly. Whether you’d like to make your bathroom a functional and practical space where you and your family can get ready, or a calming, spa-like retreat, there are ways you can enhance and upgrade your bathroom using glass.

Read more below to find out how.

Enhance Your Bathroom With Glass Accents

Whether you’re updating an old bathroom or building a new one from scratch, a clean, updated look is likely high up on your wishlist. Glass finishes and features can help you achieve the look you want without blowing the budget. Here’s how:

  1. Go European — Nothing screams, “OUTDATED SHOWER!” more than a shiny brass-framed door and surround. And if your current bathroom shower or tub doesn’t feature a glass door, a drab shower curtain is likely in its place. Either way, none of these is doing anything to enhance your bathroom. Get rid of the dingy and bring in a beautiful, elegant frameless shower door and bathtub surround. European shower doors help your space feel high-end and appear bigger and brighter.
  2. Incorporate Glass Shelves — If your home is like most, you could use a bit of additional storage. But you may have found that a lot of the over-the-toilet storage units and medical cabinets look and feel bulky and dated. Instead, try installing a few glass shelves that solve your lack-of-storage problem but don’t crowd the space.
  3. Swap Out the Builder-Grade Mirror — While the mirrors your home came with are practical, they don’t do much to enhance or beautify your bathroom. A custom mirror made just for your space to match your style can quickly and effectively improve your bathroom.
  4. Add a Skylight — It’s not uncommon for bathrooms to feel cave-like: damp and dark. If your property’s floor plan and roofing situation allow, you may want to consider adding a skylight to your bathroom. Not only will a skylight make your bathroom lighter and brighter, but it will also help you save money on electrical bills since you’ll be using your lights less.
  5. Select a Glass Tile — Instead of opting for a typical stone tile, choose something with a bit of sparkle and shine, like glass tiles! Glass tiles come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and textures. Moreover, it can add depth and the appearance of space to your bathroom and can blend with just about any aesthetic.

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