5 Tips for Streak-Free Windows and Glass

5 Tips for Streak-Free Windows and Glass Surfaces

With the season quickly coming to an end, it’s time to knock out the rest of your spring cleaning and get streak-free windows and glass.

While achieving streak-free glass surfaces may feel like a dream, it’s not as challenging or hopeless as it seems. Though, after cleaning their windows and other glass surfaces, many homeowners find them covered in streaks, so we’ve gathered our favorite tried-and-true cleaning tips that will get the glass surfaces in your home crystal clear.

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Our Tips for Streak-Free Windows and Glass

By taking the proper steps and implementing a few of our pro-tips, the glass in your home will be shining in no time.

  1. Take Time to Prep — Before you start scrubbing, there’s a little prep work to do first. While not all glass surfaces will require this sort of attention, the glass in your kitchen, bathroom, and exterior windows will. Glass surfaces in your kitchen often accumulate grease and dust and leave a gunky mess. Glass in bathrooms is often splattered with toothpaste, hard water spots, and more. And your windows don’t stand a chance against elements, bugs, and sprinklers. To start, you’ll want to give the areas a good rinse and remove any build-up. Don’t worry about streaks at this point — we’ll get there.
  2. Use an Effective Cleaning Solution — Many cleaning products are available today, but not all are created equally. But between commercial glass cleaners and homemade alternatives, you’ve got some great options. Always avoid products with suds and aim to use ones that are formulated specifically to clean glass. For a non-toxic route, use equal parts distilled water and vinegar in a spray bottle.
  3. Invest in Good Rags — Like cleaners, not all rags were meant to clean windows. Instead of paper towels or cotton cloths, reach for some natural chamois cloths or microfiber cloths that won’t leave a trail of lint behind. If you’re in a time crunch, yesterday’s newspaper can also do the trick.
  4. Wipe in a Variety of Directions — An excellent way to avoid streaks is to change the direction you are wiping your glass. Start by scrubbing in circular motions, switching to vertical swipes, and then once more with horizontal wipes.
  5. Buff Away and Stray Streaks — Chances are, a streak or two will sneak past you. Say goodbye to these sneaky streaks with a dry cloth (again, avoid fabrics that shed lint) and buff them away. There’s no need to polish the entire window — unless you’d like to — just areas that need it. 

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With these tips, you’ll have streak-free windows and glass surfaces in your home.

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